You could not find free time to visit Bank branch again and again, but you need to to transfer money badly? 

You need to make UAH transfers in Ukraine and foreign currency transfers outside at regular time intervals, and you need to do it sviftly, easily and without spending time to visit Bank branch?

How to solve this situation?



ARZINGER Legal Associates
West Ukrainian Branch, Lviv (79013)
6, Generala Chuprynky St., Office 1
phone: +38 (032) 242-96-96
fax: +38 (032) 242-96-95

Arzinger is one of the leading independent legal experts in Ukraine. The company specializes in M & A and Corporate Law, Real Estate and Construction, Antitrust and Competition, Litigation and Arbitration, IPR, Tax, Banking & Finance, PPP, Public Procurement, Employment, Administrative Law, Capital Markets and IPOs. The company serves clients operating in financial services, energy, real estate, pharmaceuticals, food & beverages, telecommunications, retail, aerospace, agriculture, and the infrastructure & transport industries. The firm has built close working relationships with high-profile law firms in Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, the United States, Russia, and many other jurisdictions. As a result the clients have access to global legal services of unsurpassed quality. These relationships have developed and proved invaluable over many years, but they are non-exclusive: accordingly, Arzinger is able to work on any transaction – in coordination with the client – with those law firms which have the best expertise on the market.