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You could not find free time to visit Bank branch again and again, but you need to to transfer money badly? 

You need to make UAH transfers in Ukraine and foreign currency transfers outside at regular time intervals, and you need to do it sviftly, easily and without spending time to visit Bank branch?

How to solve this situation?



Dear clients,

Starting from 26.10.2015 OTPdirekt is OTP Smart!

To enter the OTP Smart system please make the following steps:

1. Login: Your OTPdirekt contract number.

2. Password:

Please enter the following password: 2015, if you are OTPdirekt user and loggind into the OTP Smart system for the first time since 26.10.2015


Please enter the password if you plugged in to OTP Smart system later than 26.10.2015 and logging in for the first time.

In future to log into the system, please, use the password you set with the first successful enrty.

Attention! Please don't specify the dynamic password from SMS or token into the "Password" field.

3. Please, enter the "Login" button.

4. Dynamic password: The key from SMS or token.

5. Please, enter the "Login" button.