ARZINGER Legal Associates
West Ukrainian Branch, Lviv (79013)
6, Generala Chuprynky St., Office 1
phone: +38 (032) 242-96-96
fax: +38 (032) 242-96-95

Arzinger is one of the leading independent legal experts in Ukraine. The company specializes in M & A and Corporate Law, Real Estate and Construction, Antitrust and Competition, Litigation and Arbitration, IPR, Tax, Banking & Finance, PPP, Public Procurement, Employment, Administrative Law, Capital Markets and IPOs. The company serves clients operating in financial services, energy, real estate, pharmaceuticals, food & beverages, telecommunications, retail, aerospace, agriculture, and the infrastructure & transport industries. The firm has built close working relationships with high-profile law firms in Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, the United States, Russia, and many other jurisdictions. As a result the clients have access to global legal services of unsurpassed quality. These relationships have developed and proved invaluable over many years, but they are non-exclusive: accordingly, Arzinger is able to work on any transaction – in coordination with the client – with those law firms which have the best expertise on the market.