Kharkiv Palace Hotel
2 Pravdy Avenue, Kharkiv, 61058
Phone: +38 (057) 766-44-00

Welcome to the Kharkiv Palace Hotel – the first five-star hotel in Ukraine to embody third-millennium luxury! This 11-storey building, built in typical Kharkiv-style constructivism, seamlessly blends into the architectural ensemble of the city central Svobody (Freedom) Square. Its internal design combines the refinement of modern neo-classicism, functionality and the latest in building technologies. Included among the hotel’s 180 rooms are the top-flight Presidential Suite and rooms of the Executive Floor.

The Kharkiv Palace Hotel is a member of the Premier Hotels management group – a collection of Ukrainian luxury hotels that offer signature personal touches while ensuring equally comfortable and hospitable accommodation. Most hotels are historic landmarks in their cities, each one with its own unique style, local accents and inimitable charm.