Amount: 40 million UAH
Amount: 40 million UAH
Preliminary decision - 1 day!
Preliminary decision – in 1 day!
Favorable and innovative approach to collateral property
Favorable and innovative approach to collateral property

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Agricredit «Instant»
OTP Bank in cooperation with International Financial Corporation (IFC), relying upon the world leading expertise in financing of small and medium agrarian producers, has implemented a simplified, accelerated and standardized approach to farmers financing
1-20 million UAH


starting with 12% p.a.

interest rate

1 day

preliminary decision

Simple Agro
For the agro-companies with a land bank of over 2500 ha, that grow grain and oilseeds, OTP Bank has simplified the process of attracting additional financing through loyal requirements to pledge and introduced the option of future harvesting and financial agrarian receipts as collateral
from 12 000 000 UAH to 40 000 000 UAH

limit amount

up to 3 years

the financing period



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