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For the agro-companies with a land bank of over 2500 ha, that grow grain and oilseeds, OTP Bank has simplified the process of attracting additional financing through loyal requirements to pledge and introduced the option of future harvesting and financial agrarian receipts as collateral.

Basic financing parameters:

Financing products: renewable line of credit, term credit, structured commercial financing.

Limit amount from 12 000 000 UAH to 30 000 000 UAH.

The financing period: up to 3 years, while usually the maximum tranche periods are set according to the operational cycle of the company, not exceeding 1 year.

Financing costs:

Interest rate:

  • for USD and EUR - LIBOR / EURIBOR + margin or current market rate;
  • for UAH – fixed or current market rate.

Commission for financing setup: set individually.

The cost of financing for the borrower depends on his financial conditions, the structure of credit project, the quality of collateral, the term and the current situation on the currency and financial markets.

Possible guarantee (or combination thereof):

  • Future crops and/or agrarian receipt – 100% of limit amount;
  • Equipment / Real Estate – 80% of limit amount;
  • Owner(s) guarantee.

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