Risk-free Credit Limits


Time is money, and JSC OTP Bank, being one of the leaders of the national market, understands this truth very well.

Considering the customers’ needs for prompt conducting of their operating activities, we have developed and offer to companies of corporate business the following financing facilities:

  • “Technical” loans, namely:
    • Financing of the companies in local currency during the periods when foreign currency incomings are received by the bank on the customers’ transit account, but upon transferring of such proceeds to the clients’ current account the available period for selling of foreign currency (during the same banking day) had already past.
      This type of financing may also be provided in foreign currency, if the debt is repaid from the proceeds in foreign currency.

    • Financing of cashless foreign currency purchase with purpose of further payments by the companies in favor of their foreign partners.
      This type of financing is offered for the periods before receipt by the companies of payments in the local currency (to their current accounts with OTP Bank) for further purchase of foreign currency.
      Therefore, the Bank assists to minimize delays in effecting payment by the customers in favor of their Ukrainian and foreign partners.

  • The limits secured by deposits placed with JSC OTP Bank, which are utilized as:
    • credit facilities;
    • issuance of documentary instruments.

Financing may be provided both in national and foreign currency.

Offering the above services JSC OTP Bank provides quick procedure of consideration of the companies’ requests for the mentioned limits and offers preferential interest rates for such financing instruments.

We guarantee that the representative of Corporate business OTP Bank will contact with you within 1 working day.
More detailed information can be obtained by calling the Information Center
  • phone: (044) 490-05-25, (044) 490-05-00 (24/7)