Investment Financing


Investment Financing products ensure your business with additional financial resources for:

  • Purchase or construction of industrial or commercial buildings;
  • Acquisition, installation and launching of equipment / machinery;
  • Modernization and extension of production;
  • Other investment costs associated with the abovementioned goals.

Basic conditions of investment financing:

Type of financing: term loan with monthly / quarterly repayments (a grace period for principal repayment is possible if required for completion of delivery / installation / construction / launching/etc. is possible).

Minimum amount: UAH 4 000 000.

Tenor of financing: up to 5 years (but in any case, in accordance with actual Credit Police of OTP Bank).

Currency of financing: UAH, USD, EUR.


Interest rate:

  • for USD and EUR - LIBOR / EURIBOR + margin or fixed rate with annual review;
  • for UAH - fixed rate with annual review or UIRD + margin.
Organization fee: defined individually.

Pricing depends on borrower’s financial standing, loan project structure, quality and type of collateral, financing period, as well as current situation on monetary and financial markets.

Possible collateral (or its combination):

  • pledge of fixed assets (property complexes, real estate, equipment, vehicles, agricultural machines);
  • pledge of goods in circulation;
  • pledge of property rights on the fixed assets being purchased with further replenishment by pledge of the fixed assets;
  • guarantee of loan repayment of other bank acceptable for OTP Bank;
  • financial surety (corporate guarantee) issued by a company acceptable for OTP Bank;
  • financial surety of the borrower`s owners.

Additional conditions of investment financing:

Investment loans granting by the bank envisages own participation of the borrower in amount which depends on peculiarities and risk level of the project to be financed. The borrower’s participation share shall be not less than 30% of the total project budget.

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