Term loan


Term loan – a loan, which is usually being provided in full amount immediately after the signing of the credit agreement. It can be repaid by scheduled installments or by a single payment at maturity.

Basic conditions of financing:

Minimum amount: UAH 4 000 000.

Tenor of financing: up to 1 year.

Currency of financing: UAH, USD, EUR.


Interest rate:

  • for USD and EUR – LIBOR / EURIBOR + margin;
  • for UAH – fixed or current market rate.

Organization fee: defined individually.

Pricing depends on borrower’s financial standing, deal structure, collateral quality under the deal, financing period, current situation on monetary and financial markets.

Possible collateral (or its combination):

  • pledge of fixed assets (property complexes, real estate, equipment, vehicles, agricultural machinery);
  • pledge of goods in turnover;
  • pledge of property rights under deposits placed in OTP Bank;
  • credit repayment guarantee of other bank acceptable for OTP Bank;
  • financial surety (corporate guarantee) issued by a company acceptable for OTP Bank;
  • financial surety of the borrower`s owners.

We guarantee that the representative of Corporate business OTP Bank will contact with you within 1 working day.
More detailed information can be obtained by calling the Information Center
  • phone: (044) 490-05-25, (044) 490-05-00 (24/7)