The group threshold interest rate


The group threshold interest rate ‐ charging interest on summary positive account balance on current accounts of business groups.

The basic characteristics:

  • The rate is calculated depending on the total account balance of the group in accordance with the scale of Group threshold interest rates;
  • Factual transfer of funds does not happen;
  • Using the services possible for accounts opened in the system of OTP Bank;
  • Interest is paid monthly on the each account of corporate clients who consists in the business group.

The advantages of using Group threshold interest rate:

  • Possibility to receive interest income on the total balance of all accounts of a business group;
  • There is no necessity to consolidate the funds on the same account for charging interest with a higher rate;
  • It is possible to add clients of the same business group, whose accounts are opened in different branches of OTP Bank;
  • Possibility to make payments without commissions in national currency between the companies, which are served in the OTP Bank for extended operating time.

Information about another types of rates are in the Interest bearing current account.

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