Interest Bearing Current Account


"Interest bearing current account" ‐ bank product which is providing interest accrual on current account daily balances of corporate clients using different types of interest rates such as:

Fixed interest rate means accrual of the “fixed” interest irrespective of the amount of account balance.

Floating interest rate means accrual of the "floating" interest which varies daily depending on interbank bid rates floating.

Threshold interest rate mean accrual of “fixed” interest depending on amount of account balance (the higher account balance amount is, the higher interest rate is applied).

Bank uses an individual approach to each client upon defining interest rate.

"Interest bearing current account" of OTP Bank stands for:

  • Advanced interest on account and flexible management of funds;
  • Effective revenue while using an account to support daily operations;
  • Benefits from using up-to-date and effective banking solutions in everyday business.

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