Zero Balancing


Zero Balancing ‐ regular transferring (consolidation) of account balances from Sub-accounts to Master-account of the client (automatically, in accordance with schedule agreed with a customer).

Zero Balancing options:

  • Transfer of the full balance amount of funds;
  • Transfer of the balance amount except for fixed amount;
  • Transfer of fixed amount of funds;
  • Transfer of fixed amount of funds taking into account overdraft limit.


  • Management of funds by concentrating them in one account;
  • Transfers are done automatically without sending payment orders by customer;
  • Only one document has to be signed before implementation of the product;
  • Possibility of using a multilevel Sub-accounts system.

Notional pooling - “virtual” management of balances on current accounts ‐ allows accruing interest on the aggregated balance on the current accounts of the group of companies without actual funds transfer from one account to another. It allows decreasing overdraft expenses due to “virtual” coverage of negative balances on current accounts by positive balances on other current accounts of the group of companies.

More detailed information can be obtained by calling the Information Center
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