Tariff Package “Technical Support”


OTP Bank offers the corporate clients to try all the advantages of new Tariff Package “Technical Support”.

Services Tariffs
Tariff Package Free of charge
Monthly fee for the use of the Tariff Package
Commission includes:
- Providing consultations regarding adjustment and usage of Client-Internet-Banking «OTP online» system
- Issue of access certificate (quantity is not limited) for new Users upon self-maintained connection to the system
- Change of the certificate for the existing User upon Client's request / change of the access to the accounts for the existing User upon Clients request, incl. change of access ‐ connection/
disconnection of new accounts, modules etc.
300 UAH
Connection of the one workplace to the system with presence of Bank's specialist, incl:
- Installation of additional workplace;
- Reset of the System.
150 UAH
Verification of information security at Client's working place with installed Client-Internet-Banking «OTP online» system:
- verification of one working place
200 UAH incl. VAT

Advantages of servicing in the frame of Tariff Package “Technical Support”:

  • Personal approach ‐ technical consultations, help and support of the Tariff Package users are provided in the order of high priority.
  • Expanded list of communication channels ‐ separate phone number, e-mail, Skype, Viber.
  • Issue of unlimited quantity of access certificates.
  • Discounts for connection of workplaces, verification of information security etc.

Minimum term of this Tariff Package validity is three (3) months. After termination of three months the Bank shall automatically and free of charge prolong the Tariff package validity until receiving the Client’s request on termination.

We guarantee that the representative of Corporate business OTP Bank will contact with you within 1 working day.
More detailed information can be obtained by calling the Information Center
  • phone: (044) 490-05-25, (044) 490-05-00 (24/7)