OTP Bank was acknowledge as one of the most professional banks of Ukraine


OTP Bank took the 2-d place in the nomination В«The most professional bankВ» according to financial rating of «Business», famous Ukrainian newspaper.В  This award is another certificate of high authority, respect and trust which has our financial institution among the most authoritative specialists and analysts of national banking sector.

Last year OTP Bank has taken the 3-d place in this nomination as for financial rating of «Business» newspaper.

According to Dmytry Zinkov, Chairman of the Board, OTP BankВ  was able to improve its position in the rating of the best professional financial institution of the country due to providing of the state-of-the-art technologies of customers servicing, essential improvement of internal banking operating processes and also effective work of highly skilled personnel.

OTP Bank – is an universal bank which granting full range of financial services for private individuals corporate clients and to small and medium enterprises. On the Ukrainian market it has proof reputation of innovative structure which constantly growing business volumes and offers to its customers the highest quality products.

According to the Association of Ukrainian banks (AUB) as on March 01, 2008, OTP Bank is the 8-th largest bank in terms of assets, the 7-th in terms of loan portfolio. OTP Bank’s network comprises 24 branches, 107 outlets and 36 representative offices all over Ukraine.

Published: 21.04.2008

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