Investment insurance product in USD from "OTP Capital" and "TAS"


"OTP Capital" asset management company and "TAS" insurance company launched new unit-linked product "TAS-Invest Foreign Currency", denominated in US dollars. The new product is a special version of the insurance program "TAS-Invest" and allows its clients to invest their hryvnia (UAH) savings without limits with direct ties to the USD/UAH rates and to expect higher returns than on bank deposits. In addition, clients have a guarantee of invested capital payback in USD equivalent – if USD/UAH rates growth, clients’ savings will grow proportionally. Received income is not a subject to taxation and other payments that are mandatory while buying USD.

"TAS-Invest Foreign Currency" is a result of continuous cooperation between companies after the successful introduction in 2013 of the first in Ukraine unit-linked product "TAS-Invest". Its strategy involves the formation of investment portfolio, which is divided into two parts. One part is invested in fixed income instruments (government and bank bonds, bank deposits). This section will provide money return after contract expiration. The second part is invested in more profitable stock market instruments, which will provide additional income. The share of the second part will increase gradually due to the income earned in fixed income instruments.

"Our joint efforts with "TAS" allows us to create innovative products for Ukrainian financial market. Hryvnia version of the product during the first half of 2015 brought clients 26.5% per annum. Foreign currency version also already started giving first results - 8.5% per annum in USD. This yield coupled with protection against devaluation, insurance component and tax benefits allows clients to benefit from this unique product,"- says Taras Yeleyko, Head of Investment Department of "OTP Capital".

"OTP Capital" was the first asset management company, which became the member of the League of Insurance Organizations of Ukraine, its experts are members of finance and investment committee of the League. "OTP Capital" considers cooperation with insurance companies a priority in its business development strategy and has 4 asset management contracts with insurance companies.

To learn more about "TAS-Invest" and "TAS-Invest Foreign Currency" please call 0 800 500 117 or visit

Asset management company OTP Capital was established in July 2007 and became the second after OTP Bank representative of OTP Group in Ukraine. The company provides a wide range of high quality investment services to both corporate clients and individuals and is one of the leaders of the collective investments market. AMC OTP Capital manages 7 public mutual funds, 3 venture funds, reserves of insurance companies and non-government pension fund. Total assets under management: UAH 189.5 mln.

Insurance company "TAS" operates since 2001 as the assignee of "Insurance Company "Privat Polis", which was founded in 2000. "TAS" became the first domestic life insurance company. Today the company is one of the leading and most reputable insurance companies in Ukraine, which provides a wide range of modern programs of individual and corporate life insurance. "TAS" insurance company is a part of financial and investment group, whose main shareholder is Sergey Tigipko.

Published: 24.07.2015