"OTP Pension" summarized the results of 2015: pension fund participants received 26.7% of return, fund assets increased by 57.9%


By results of 2015 the assets of non-state pension fund "OTP Pension" managed by "OTP Capital" increased by 57.9% and reached UAH 47 mln. Its annual investment return of 26.7% was distributed among nearly 10 000 of its participants. Such return exceeds average bank deposit rates.

Portfolio of "OTP Pension" consists of most reliable financial instruments – bank deposits, government and bank bonds – that protect and increase pension savings of clients. Stable results of "OTP Pension" since 2009 allowed the fund to become one of the leaders in Ukraine by total assets, amount of pension contributions and transfers from other funds.

"One of the best performances on the market by many indicators allowed non-state pension fund "OTP Pension" to attract more contributions from both its loyal clients and from those who are just discovering the benefits of private pension savings. In 2015, the fund actively grew also due to the transfers from other pension funds. We expect that this year these trends will continue and "OTP Pension" will reach new heights in its development"- said Vitaliy Dyshlovy, Head of Sales and Marketing Department of "OTP Capital".

Payments made by contributor are accounted on individual pension account of a participant. Contributed assets are invested in financial instruments that generate investment income increasing the total sum of savings. After retirement, a participant receives additional non-state pension. During the period of pension payments assets on the account continue to earn profit.

In addition to "OTP Pension", AMC "OTP Capital" also manages open pension fund "UkrsotsFond" and professional pension fund "Magistral". The total volume of pension assets under management of the company is UAH 86.5 mln, which belong to 354 000 participants.

Asset management company OTP Capital was established in July 2007 and became the second after OTP Bank representative of OTP Group in Ukraine. The company provides a wide range of high quality investment services to both corporate clients and individuals and is one of the leaders of the collective investments market. AMC OTP Capital manages 6 public mutual funds, 3 venture funds, reserves of insurance companies and 3 non-state pension funds. Total assets under management – over UAH 260 mln.

Public joint stock company OTP Bank is one of the largest domestic banks, a recognized leader in the financial sector of Ukraine. The Bank provides a full range of financial services to corporate and private customers, as well as to small and medium enterprises. The Bank entered the Ukrainian market in 1998, and since then it enjoys a staunch reputation of socially responsible, reliable and stable institution providing its consumers with services of European quality standard. Its absolute owner is the largest Hungarian Bank OTP Bank Plc.

Note: the profitability of investments made on financial market can increase or decrease. Fund performance results in the past shall not guarantee the same performance results in the future. The government shall not guarantee the profitability of investments in mutual funds. AMC OTP Capital LLC shall not guarantee returns of investment instruments indicated therein.

Published: 05.02.2016