Current Accounts


OTP Bank offers for its individual clients (residents and non-residents) opening and servicing of current accounts.

To open current account you need:

  1. Call or attend OTP Bank to learn the procedure of account opening and to appoint the meeting;
  2. To provide the Bank with the essential documents to open an account;
  3. Complete an application and sign an agreement and tariffs.

The schedule of branches’ operating hours is available in the bank’s Call-Center.

Operations with current accounts:

  • Cash;
  • Operations (withdrawals/deposits);
  • Sale of Traveller’s Cheques;
  • Incoming and outgoing payments (in UAH and FCY);
  • Foreign exchange operations;
  • Monthly statements (free of charge);
  • Standing Order;
  • Opening of current accounts in UAH/FCY (Commission for account opening – UAH 80- is paid once upon opening of the first account)

Attention: In case of effecting any deposit operation or obtaining loan the current account is opened free of charge.

List of essential documents to open a current account, place a deposit or receive payment card:

  • Citizens passport;
  • Personal Tax Code.
  • Non-resident clients should also present information concerning the origin of cash funds (customs declaration, etc.).

Use the services of the Information Center

More detailed information can be obtained by calling the Information Center

  • phone: (044) 490-05-00, (044) 290-92-05 (24-hours);

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