Operations with bank metals


Gold (999.9) for 16.01.2019
Ingot, g. Buy, UAH/g Sell, UAH/g Ingot cost, UAH
1 (minted ingots) 1,137.70 1,371.60 1,371.60
2 (minted ingots) 1,136.00 1,317.70 2,635.40
2.5 (minted ingots) 1,134.80 1,311.70 3,279.25
5 (minted ingots) 1,133.70 1,275.80 6,379.00
10 (minted ingots) 1,131.90 1,257.80 12,578.00
20 (minted ingots) 1,129.00 1,239.80 24,796.00
31.1 (minted ingots) 1,126.10 1,223.10 38,038.41
50 (minted ingots) 1,120.30 1,221.90 61,095.00
100 (minted ingots) 1,117.50 1,209.90 120,990.00
The official NBU rate (for one troy ounce) 36,316.8750

Bank metals, especially gold, were and remain not only reliable, but also very profitable investment. To it testifies 30 %-s' rise in prices for gold in 2010, and constant purchases of bank metals by the central banks of world's leading countries.

The dynamics of gold price starting from Y1968 (when currency rate lost linking to gold) shows permanent increase. Especially headily the price increases starting from Y2000.

From the beginning of crisis in Ukraine, when the price of gold was 723 $ per troy (31.103 gm), till the middle of Y2011, the price of gold has increased 2.2 times more in USD equivalent and 3.5 times more in UAH equivalent.

For this reason OTP Bank offers to the Clients carrying out of a spectrum of operations with bank metals (gold):

  • Operations with cash bank metals:
    • Sale of cash bank metals (ingots of various weight from 1 g to 1 kg);
    • Responsible storage of ingots of bank metals in Bank storehouse;
    • Sales with postponed delivery of bank metals ingots.

Cash metals have advantage of that gold is one of the most reliable tools for investment of means. Ingots of metals are compact and convenient for storage, and also are an excellent gift.

Cash BM are the excellent financial tool for long-term investment which is an integral part of diversified investment portfolio.

The private individuals-residents, in case of the sale of cash bank metals for the sum exceeding 50 ths. UAH, should give the passport and the document on appropriation of identification number of the tax bearer.

The physical person-non-resident, in case of the sale of cash bank metals, should give the passport and the document on sources of an origin of cash bank metals/hryvnas according to NBU Resolution №325 from 06.08.2003.

  • Operations with non-cash bank metals:
    • Service of the current account in bank metals;
    • Purchase and sale of non-cash bank metals.

Non-cash BM have advantage of the possibility to be got more cheaply at the absence of expenses on manufacturing, insurance and transportation of ingots. A spread (margin) between the prices of purchase and sale of non-cash BM is the minimum. At the same time non-cash metals are provided respective by quantity of ingots, therefore reliability of such kind of investment doesn't concede to cash ingots.

For the contract conclusion on opening and service of the current account in bank metals, are of you need only:

  • The Passport;
  • The statement from tax inspection about appropriation of identification number of the tax bearer – for physical persons-residents.

In case of cash replenishment of the current account in grivna (for the purpose of the further bank metals purchase) private individuals-non-resident should give additionaly documents on sources of an origin of available funds on territory of Ukraine.

The audit of total financial result from operations with bank metals is being conducted by the Client independently, separately from other profit and loss.

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