Money Transfers


OTP Bank render private customers’ quick money transfers within Ukraine and worldwide. In few minutes after sending the money transfer is available for the payee in any country of the world where Western Union and MoneyGram locations are presented.

Such services as transfers* and payments in UAH, USD and EUR are offered to our clients. In order to send or receive money it is necessary to have a passport or the substituting document.

Systems of money transfers offered by OTP Bank are the most relevant in Ukraine and provıde the client wıth opportunity of optimal choice.

The name of Money transfer System The amount of countries Currency for transfers abroad Transfer’s currency within Ukraine The amount of sales points, ths
Western Union More than 200 EUR, USD UAH More than 450
MoneyGram 192 EUR, USD - 267
MOSST Payments** Ukraine - UAH

* - transaction (both transferring and repaying) is made with use of current account.

** The system does not work temporarily.

Use the services of the Information Center

More detailed information can be obtained by calling the Information Center

  • phone: (044) 490-05-00, (044) 290-92-05 (24-hours);