Foreign transfers from current account OTP Express


Foreign transfers "OTP Express" from current account allows to actualize payments in EURO, USA dollars and Hungarian forints quickly and easily if the account of counteragent (receiver of transfer) is opened in one of the bank of the OTP Group.
Payments of OTP Express are credited to the account of the receiver at the day of sending that allows to essentially accelerate international clearings.
To use the "OTP Express" service it is not required to sign any additional agreements.
The bank accepts outgoing payments "OTP Express" till 11:00. The money are credited by the bank-receiver for the receiver of bankroll till the end of the operation day of this bank.
The outgoing payments of "OTP Express" that are received by the bank after 11:00 are credited by bank-receiver on the account of the receiver of bankroll in two working days granted if receiving payment document by the Bank till 15:00.

Bank services for currency transfers from current account "OTP Express":
Commission for the outgoing currency transfers from current account "OTP Express" 0,3% of the amount
min. UAH 200,-
max. UAH 1000,-

The commissions of others banks additionally compensate from the account of the client if it was issued by the conditions of the payment order.

The list of OTP Group banks between which it is possible to make a payment "OTP Express":

  • OTP Bank PLC, Hungary (SWIFT: OTPV HU HB)
  • OTP Bank Romania S.A., Romania (SWIFT: OTPV RO BU)
  • OTP Banka Srbija a.d., Serbia (SWIFT: KUBK RS 22)
  • DSK Bank Plc, Bulgaria (SWIFT: STSA BG SF)
  • Crnogorska komercijalna banka A.D., Montenegro (SWIFT: CKBC CS 22)
  • OTP Banka Slovensko a.s., Slovakia (SWIFT: OTPV SK BX)
  • OTP Banka Hrvatska d.d., Croatia (SWIFT: OTPV HR 2X)
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