Tariff package “Comfort”


Are you eager to receive a comfortable solution for your financial needs?

We have made such solution available for you!

Tariff package ”Comfort” is a set of the most required banking services for any Client served at the Bank’s branches.

Once you have connected to TP “Comfort”, you’ll get:

Moreover, TP ”Comfort” will cost you much less than buying each of the above listed services separately.

And there is more to come!

Do you travel a lot and wish to buy a card which would not only assist you in payments but also would give an option of earning “miles” for free tickets?

Here you are! With TP ”Comfort” you can apply for OTP Bank-UIA co-brand card for only UAH 2 per month.

Click here for further information about Tariff Package terms and conditions: download.pdf (239.0 KB)

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