Frequently asked questions


I have an active debit card Gold. Can I switch it to TP?

Yes, you can. In this case, you will have to open current account additionally, such as according to terms and conditions of opening TP it is necessary to have active or to open new current account and debit card Gold.

How is the commission for using TP deducted?

The commission in the amount of 99,00 UAH. \ 12,90 USD \ 9,90 EUR (depending on card’s currency) will be deducted from your card account on the last working day of each month that you use TP.

How will I pay for additional services with discounts?

The mechanism of paying for opening any product included into TP is not changed. For example, if you wish to open an individual locker within TP, you need to pay at the counter the amount of commission according Standard Tariffs with the discount of 10%.

Can I switch my existing debit card on TP conditions?

Yes, you can. If type of your debit card is Gold, the switching is done by Application of manager in branch. In case your card type is Classic/Standard/Electron/Maestro, first of all your card type will be changed for Gold and after switched to TP. This operation can be done in branch in one day by standard process. The card will be reissued, but card account and its details stay not changed.

In case if active debit card is switched to TP, what happens to?

Within TP it is different to the one on standard cards. The amount of non reducible balance is fixed on the level of 500UAH \ 65 USD \ 50 EUR. The difference becomes available on card account or gets blocked during the next funding of account to the required level.

Can I switch my existing salary card or co-brand card of OTP and UIA?

No, this option is not available.

If I decide to stop using TP, can I close it an how?

You will need to come to branch, where card account is serviced within TP, fill in the application form for closing TP and either switch your card to standard servicing conditions or get it closed. At the same time all products opened within TP get switched to servicing by standard Tariffs. The exclusion is an extra bonus on term deposit interest rate – it stays not changed till the end of deposit agreement term.

If I close TP, will deposit interest rate be lowered / loan interest rate increased?

Deposit interest rate cannot be lowered. It is regulated by law. Loan interest rate will be increased after closure TP according additional agreement to loan agreement which is signed at the moment of arranging loan discount.

If my card account goes into overdraft, will TP be automatically closed?

TP will be closed in case if Clients card accounts within TP is in arrears for 3 month and this is the reason why Bank initiates card account closure.

Can I get the discount for the whole loan amount?

According to terms and conditions of TP, the discount is provided for the total loan amount. The exclusion become loans granted till 21.02.2011 for total amount s over 500 000 UAH or its equivalent in other currencies.

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