Currency conversion by card accounts


Planning travelling abroad, you do not necessarily have to look for currency in cash or open cards in different currencies. International payment cards VISA or MasterCard issued by OTP Bank are accepted all over the world, regardless of the currency of your card account.

With OTP Bank cards, you always perform your payment transactions or ATM cash withdrawals in currency of your host country. Should the currency of payment transaction be different from the currency of the card account, the payment system will autonomously convert the payment transaction amount to the currency of the card account.

While doing transaction abroad, the currency conversion depends on:

  • card account currency,
  • currency of international payment system – US Dollar or Euro,
  • currency of transaction – currency in which payment or ATM cash withdrawal is done abroad.

Please note!

While doing payment transaction or ATM cash withdrawal abroad, please always choose the currency of host country/region to avoid conversion.

Processing of payment transaction or ATM cash withdrawal abroad envisages debiting of card account performed in 2 steps as follows:

1. After the transaction conducted, a relevant amount, which depends on the currency rate of payment system VISA or MasterCard, shall be blocked on your card account in the currency of your card account.

To know the currency conversion rates of International Payment System, please follow this link for VISA, and the link for MasterCard.

Please note! In case you apply SMS-banking service, on the day of transaction you will receive a SMS notification with stated blocked amount and a preliminarily balance of your card account. These amounts are not final for debiting and can be changed due to exchange rate fluctuation on the date of actual debiting.

2. Within next 2-10 days after transaction, the actual debiting of the card account shall be conducted pursuant to the International Payment Systems rules and based on the Bank’s commercial exchange rate being in effect on the date of debiting.

Preliminarily blocked and actually debited amounts may differ due to a time lag between transaction amount blocking and actual debiting of the card account and the exchange rate fluctuation.

Specifics of payments transactions in abroad online stores:

Some online stores, which are delivering goods/services from abroad (including airlines and travel agencies) are suggesting to pay for purchased goods/services in UAH. In this case, one need to remember that the bank serving the store shall notify the payment system that the payment is made in UAH and therefore the currency conversion is required.

Afterwards the payment system shall provide the Bank with an invoice to the amount expressed in foreign currency according to the exchange rate of the payment system. The debited amount shall be further on converted into UAH at the commercial exchange rate of the Bank being in effect on the date of actual debiting. Thus, debited amount may differ from the amount that was originally blocked on the card account.

To avoid such situations, the customers are recommended to make merchant transactions in the currency of invoice (if online store provides such option), i.e. without conversion into UAH by the store itself.

For example, PayPal payment system offers its clients an opportunity to choose currency of the payment by themselves (while making payment you will have a corresponding option).  

Курси списання валют* по карткових рахунках станом на:

Долар/Гривня 0.0000
Євро/Гривня 0.0000
Гривня/Долар 0.0000
Гривня/Євро 0.0000
Кросс-курс для карток з валютою рахунку євро – Євро/Долар 0.0000
Кросс-курс для карток з валютою рахунку долар – Євро/Долар 0.0000

* first listed currency in which it was held transactions, the second – the currency of card account.
Якщо картку було викрадено або загублено, терміново телефонуйте

Підтримка клієнтів-держателів платіжних карток OTP Bank:

  • Тел. (044) 490 05 26, (044) 290 92 36 (цілодобово);
  • Міжнародна платіжна система MasterCard Worldwide, тел. +1-636-722-7111 (цілодобово);
  • Глобальна служба підтримки держателів карток міжнародної платіжної системи Visa International, тел. +1 (0) 410-581-99-94 (цілодобово). Поза межами США не набирайте (0). У межах США не набирайте +1.

Перевірка залишку на картковому рахунку в автоматичному режимі

Шановний клієнте!

Ви маєте можливість отримувати інформацію щодо залишку на Вашому картковому рахунку в автоматичному режимі. Послуга надається цілодобово, безкоштовно та не потребує з’єднання з оператором Довідкового центру.

Скористатись послугою дуже просто. Вам необхідно зателефонувати до Довідкового центру Банку за номерами телефонів 044 490 05 26 (міський номер для м. Києва). Далі, дотримуючись голосових підказок, натиснути кнопку «1» на Вашому телефоні, набрати всі 16 цифр номеру вашої картки (4 блоки по 4 цифри на лицьовій стороні картки) і прослухати інформацію стосовно балансу Вашої платіжної картки.