Your benefits from Vodafone Bonus Card debit card
500 card opening bonuses
till 40 bonuses for average 100 UAH card payments
safety 3d-secure on-line payments
Exchange your bonuses for the gifts
Presents from restaurants and tour agency’s
Package of 3G Internet, SMS and MMS
Mobile recharge and additional minutes for calls
Additional minutes for calls around Ukraine and abroad
You can calculate how many bonuses you will receive per year:
1 200
75 600
150 000
Card expenses
1 000
Mobile spending
Your bonuses for the year:
1 bonus = 1 uah
What can you buy for your bonuses:
Order Vodafone Bonus Card right now!
Google Pay/Apple Pay
High security with EMV data and 3DS technology
PayWave contactless payments
Three steps for getting your card
Application on the site. Fill out the application for card order on the Banks site
Data confirmation. Getting solution from the bank during the day
Get the card. Free card delivery by courier or getting your card on the Bank Branch
Vodafone Bonus Card benefits

Manage your finance from all over the world

  • PIN change/PIN setup on the card
  • Card activation/block card, change the limits
  • Payments of utility services, mobile, Internet
  • 24/7 MoneyTransfers

One touch payments

Now, you have ability quickly and safety pay for your purchases, services and fare by your smartphone on Apple or Android, which support NFC technology