Abandon information according payment card data to several Internet sites

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Dear Customer!

According information concerning unauthorized payment cards usage cases in Internet, please, be informed about Internet portals which are suspicious in payment card data (card number, exp.date, CVV2, CVC2) collecting for further fraudulent purposes.

Thus on site pages:

  • http://ukrautosurfer.110mb.com/
  • http://serfing.110mb.com/

Cardholder is advised to leave card data instead of information services obtaining or instead of granting for participation in different Internet actions!!!

According previous analysis the links to the mentioned sites most of all places on portals which contain recruiting information, politics and other information.

Please pay your attention on necessity of security measures while providing transactions with payment cards in Internet, do not provide card data (card number, exp.date, CVV2, CVC2) to any third parties, including placing such information in Internet.  

We are also applying to you with reference to make payments only on sites which you definitely know and which are certified by payment systems, e.g. which have logos


With hope for future cooperation with you!

If the card was stolen or lost, immediately call

OTP Bank Cardholder Support Service:

  • Phone: (044) 490 05 26, (044) 290 92 36 (24-hours);
  • You can also call MasterCard Assistance Center, phone: +1-636-722-7111 (24-hours);
  • You can also call Visa International Service Center, phone: +1 (0) 410-581-99-94 (24-hours).

Checking the card account balance in automatic mode

Dear Customers!

You can receive information about the balance on your card account in automatic mode. The service provides 24 hours a day, free of charge and does not require connection with Call Center agent. Service is easy to use. All you have to do is to dial a Call center phone number 044 490 05 26 (city number in Kiev). Next, following voice instructions, press the button “1” on your phone, then dial all 16 digits of the card number (4 blocks of 4 digits on the facial side of the card) and listen information about balance on your payment card.