OTP Tickets Travel Card

Доступний в OTP Smart
  • перекази в межах та за межі Банку;
  • перекази у гривні та валюті;
  • перегляд доступного залишку по картці;
  • миттєві перекази 24/7 з картки на картку;
  • зміна лімітів по картці;
  • формування виписок по картці;
  • перегляд історії транзакцій по рахунку;
  • створення регулярних переказів;
  • запити балансу картки та курсів валют по SMS.

OTP Tickets Travel Card – is a card for those who at least once a year travel across Ukraine or abroad.

OTP Bank and Tickets.UA co-brand payment card combines benefits of premium level card and advantages of Tickets.UA loyalty program.

OTP Tickets Travel Card

Your OTP Tickets Travel Card gives you:

  • Platinum card level
  • chip & payWave technologies
  • free of charge certificate for travelling abroad
  • once a month free of charge cash travelling abroad
  • free OTP Smart internet banking
  • all privileges of premium Visa card

250 welcome bonuses after registration in loyalty program bonus account replenishment 3% of payment for railway, bus, airplane tickets on web site Tickets.UA bonus account replenishment 1% of any other payment (booking of hotel, insurance, movie tickets) on web site Tickets.UA bonus account replenishment 2% of payment on gas stations bonus account replenishment 1% of trade payments and payments in Internet

How one can exchange bonuses?

1 bonus = 1 UAH which you can use for payment for services as usual money on the website Tickets.UA

Train tickets

Movie tickets
Book hotels

Detailed information about loyalty program – on web site Tickets.UA.

If the card was stolen or lost, immediately call

OTP Bank Cardholder Support Service:

  • Phone: (044) 490 05 26, (044) 290 92 36 (24-hours);
  • You can also call MasterCard Assistance Center, phone: +1-636-722-7111 (24-hours);
  • You can also call Visa International Service Center, phone: +1 (0) 410-581-99-94 (24-hours).

Checking the card account balance in automatic mode

Dear Customers!

You can receive information about the balance on your card account in automatic mode. The service provides 24 hours a day, free of charge and does not require connection with Call Center agent. Service is easy to use. All you have to do is to dial a Call center phone number 044 490 05 26 (city number in Kiev). Next, following voice instructions, press the button “1” on your phone, then dial all 16 digits of the card number (4 blocks of 4 digits on the facial side of the card) and listen information about balance on your payment card.