Premium Line


Dedicated customer support phone line Premium Line is introduced exclusively for Premium Banking customers. Experienced and qualified officers will provide you with round the clock assistance and advice both on our banking products and services and concierge service as well. Concierge is dedicated to provide you with extra non-banking information and consultancy services, including:

1. Financial and economic information: currency exchange rates of commercial banks in Ukraine, the NBU exchange rate, exchange and conversion rates of international payment systems, comparative sheet of maximum and minimum exchange rate etc.

2. Contact information of financial institutions, namely location of branches and ATMs of OTP Bank JSC in Ukraine, location of ATMs and branches of OTP Group, location of commercial banks in Ukraine, Ukraine's insurance companies, leasing companies etc.

3. Contact information for rest and leisure, including location of restaurants, bars, cinemas, theaters, dolphinariums, billiard halls, museums and galleries, exhibitions, travel agencies, clubs in Ukraine, as well as repertoires, working hours and other relevant information thereof.

4. Reference and information services, including: weather forecast in Ukraine and abroad, telephone codes and zip codes of Ukraine, sports results, operational search of other relevant information.

For further information please visit OTP Bank branch or call us on (044) 459 05 25, (044) 290 92 35.