Card use rules for salary MasterCard Worldwide cards


The international payment cards MasterCard WorldWide issued by OTP Bank JSC are plastic identification instruments, the use of which is regulated and governed by effective legislation of Ukraine, the regulations of MasterCard WorldWide Payment System, as well as the Condition of banking servicing of the Cardholders (hereinafter referred to as the "Conditions"), and these Card use Rules (hereinafter referred to as the "Rules").

1. Definition of terms.

AUTOMATIC TELLER MACHINE (ATM, CASH MACHINE) – software-technical comlex, which gives the opportunity for the cardholder or cardholder’s authorized person to withdraw cash and to execute other operations according to functional opportunities of this complex.

AUTHORIZATION – The Bank’s confirmation of an electronic query of acquiring bank as for possibility of entering/processing of a Payment Transaction.

BANK – Public Joint-Stock Company OTP Bank.

BANKING DAY – A business day, during which banking institutions are open for customer servicing.

CURRENCY OF THE ACCOUNT – The currency (Ukrainian hryvnias, US dollars) in which a Card or Current Account is opened.

SPENDING LIMIT – Amount of funds within the balance of the Card Account, which is available to a Payment Card Holder during a specified time for performance of transactions using the Payment Card.

CARD ACCOUNT HOLDER – Natural person in whose name a Card Account is opened pursuant to the Agreement with the Cardholder.

GENERAL AGREEMENT – The Agreement for service of salary project using international payment plastic cards, concluded between the Bank and Organization.

TO DEBIT – to debit a Card Account with funds.

CARDHOLDER – Natural person who uses the Payment Card on legal grounds for initiation of transferring of funds from the corresponding Card Account with the Bank or performs other transactions using the Card.

DEBIT SCHEME – Payment scheme, which provides for settlement of payment card transaction within the own customers, which accounted for his card account.

CARDHOLDER’S AUTHORIZED PERSON – Natural person (family member or other natural person) designated in the application issue of additional payment card, to whom the Cardholder entrusted and committed to perform transactions using the Payment Card, issued to this person, at the expense of a part of or all funds available on the Cardholder’s Card Account.

AGREEMENT WITH THE CARDHOLDER – The Agreement on issue and service of international payment plastic card concluded between the Bank and the Cardholder.
The Agreement consist of:

  • Сompleted and signing Application of issue of the salary card;
  • Conditions of banking services
  • Card Use Rules
  • Tariffs

INSURANCE CONTRACT – Insurance contract concluded between CJS "IC "Chartis Ukraine" and the Bank, under which the insured are the Holders of the Payment Cards issued by the Bank. This Agreement is concluded subject to the Cardholder’s approval.

ADDITIONAL PAYMENT CARD – Identification instrument in the form of a plastic card containing mandatory requisites designated by the Payment System, which identify the Payment System, issuer of the Payment Card, Cardholder or Cardholder’s Authorized Person.

ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE – the secret keys, generated by the Bank and transmitted to the Organization on a key diskette with the purpose of signing the documents which enable to set originality, authenticity of such documents and to identify signing person.

REPORT(STATEMENT OF MONEY) – A monthly report on the state of the Card Account delivered by the Bank to the Cardholder.

CARD ACCOUNT (ACCOUNT) – The Account, on which the transactions using the Payment Card/s are booked.

CLIENT/CUSTOMER – Legal entity or/and natural person (Organization and/or Cardholder) having concluded relevant agreement (General Agreement or/and Agreement with the Cardholder) with the Bank.

CREDIT (CREDIT LINE) – Funds of the Bank being granted to the Cardholder on the grounds of the concluded Credit Agreement.

TO CREDIT – To enter funds to the Card Account.

INVALID CARD – A card, any payments/settlements using which are discontinued/suspended for any reason (expiration, entering in the Stop-List, physical damage, closing of the Card Account, etc.).

DISALLOWED OPERATION – operation not allowed by legislation of Ukraine in terms of the Contract Holder.

INCORRECTLY PERFOMED OPERATION – any operation performed by the Bank against the Customer and which is executed incorrectly, that is in violation of the legislation of Ukraine, the Bank`s internal rules of order of operations, including payment transactions.

UNAUTHORIZED DEBITING – Debiting of the Card Account in contravention of the rules established by the Payment System and/or the Bank.

OVERDRAFT – A short-term credit granted to the Cardholder in case of shortage of funds of his/her Card Account for payment of some or other transactions. An overdraft may be:

  • Authorized – an overdraft granted to the Cardholder within the amount falling short on his/her Card Account for payment of charged interest on fixed-term and outstanding Overdraft (authorized and unauthorized), as well as appropriate Bank’s commission for provision of settlement services of Payment Transactions of the Cardholder using the Card;
  • Unauthorized – an overdraft, which automatically occurs on the Cardholder’s Card Account in case of shortage of funds for payment of all other transactions/operations(variation of rates of currency exchange during the providing of operations abroad or provide the operations without Authorization);

CARD TRANSACTION/TRANSACTION USING CARD (PAYMENT TRANSACTION) – Debiting or/and Crediting of the Card Account, as well as transactions in which the Card is used, pursuant to the Agreement with the Cardholder, for payments for the goods and services or for receipt of cash funds.

OPERATIONAL BANKING DAY – the part of working day of the Bank from 9 a.m. till 4 p.m. during which the Bank shall be carried out registration, verification, account, control of operations (including receiving the documents from the clients for transfer and documents on recall and their processing, transmission and fulfillment).

ORGANIZATION – Legal entity/ private entrepreneurs , with which the Cardholder is in labor relations and which has concluded the Agreement for service of salary project using international payment plastic cards (hereinafter referred to as the “General Agreement”) with the Bank.

PIN-CODE – A personal identification number, which is used for drawing funds from Cash Machines or in other cases, where it replaces signature of the Payment Card Holder.

PAYMENT CARD (CARD) – An identification instrument in the form of a plastic card (principal or Additional) containing mandatory requisites designated by the Payment System, which identify the Payment System, issuer of the Payment Card, Cardholder or Cardholder’s Authorized Person.

PAYMENT SLIP – A sales receipt (slip, electronic/point-of-sale terminal receipt, Cash Machine receipt) of the form established by the Payment System which contains all requisites of the Payment Transaction performed by the Cardholder.

CURRENT ACCOUNT – An Account which is opened for the Cardholder with the Bank on the grounds of an agreement on opening and service of bank account in foreign and national currency for natural persons.

RULES – Payment Card use rules forming an integral part of the General Agreement and/or Agreement with the Cardholder, and being binding upon the Organization and Cardholder, and which the Bank may modify and supplement subject to further notification of the Organization and/or the Cardholder of such modifications/supplements.

EMPLOYEE – Natural person being in labor relations with the Organization.

REGISTER – the document which contain the information about Cardholder and Card accounts and also information about sums and order of distributing of money among Cardholders.

PAYMENT AND CASH OPERATIONS – provide by the Bank services to the client on the basis of the agreement concluded by them, which contained with the transfer of costs from/to the account (s) of this client, giving out the cash client and provide another operations according to the General Agreement or the Agreement with the Cardholder, еру form and tenor of which the Bank frams independently.

SETTLEMENT CYCLE – Period of time (calendar month) for which the Cardholder receives from the Bank a Report on the transactions performed on the Card Account.

PAYMENT SYSTEM – International payment system (MasterCard Worldwide), which the Bank is a member of.

COMPROMIZED CARD – Card, which incurred to be used in fraudful goals. Card could be compromised via stealing of information about the Card, unauthorized inbrake to computer network, software. Information about the fact of possible compromizing of the Card Bank receives from own sources.

SYSTEM CLIENT-BANK – computer system (aggregate software and hardware facilities), which shall be exploited by the Organization and the Bank and provides creation, transmission and saving of electronic documents, with the purpose to provide the proper services by the Bank.

STOP-LIST – List of Payment Cards (numbers of Payment Cards,) any transactions using which are prohibited. Depending on the Payment System regulations, a Stop-List may be electronic or paper, local or international.

INSURANCE – Insurance (on the grounds of Insurance Contract) of property interests related to life, health, capacity for work of the Cardholders, natural persons’ liability to third parties for payment of medical and other services during stay abroad in private and business trips, as well as property interests related to the use of property and compensation by the Cardholders or their Authorized Persons for any damage caused by the Cardholders or their Authorized Persons to person or property of any third party.

TARIFFS – The list of the Bank’s services with indication of their cost. The Bank may change and supplement the Tariffs, whereof the Client/Customer is to be notified in accordance with the conditions set forth in these Rules and the agreement concluded with the Bank (Salary Agreement or/and the Agreement with the Cardholder).
The following Tariffs will be used for servicing of the Organization or/and Cardholders at the Bank:

  • Special Tariffs – Tariffs which are used at the Bank for servicing of the Salary Agreement and the agreements related thereto.

SELLER – Enterprises (shops/stores, hotels, restaurants, etc.), which accept the Card for payment.

FRAUDULENT ACTIONS – actions, that on the Bank’s opinion directed on unauthorized or the illegal use of Cards (by the way of deception, breach of trust, but not only), that does not conflict with the current legislation of Ukraine and/or Rules and/or Conditions, conditions of Agreement with the Cardholder and General Agreement.

CVV-2 (CARD VERIFICATION VALUE 2) – three-digit code of checking validity of the Card. It is placed on the signature panel next to the primary account number or next to the last 4 (four) figures of primary account number.It is used as protective element when transaction with voice authorization or without using of the Card.

2. Use of Card and PIN-Code.

2.1 The Bank shall consider the application for issue of a Card within 7 (seven) Banking Days, following which the Bank shall sign or refuse to sign the Agreement with the Cardholder. In case of refusal, the Bank reserves the right not to comment on its decision.

2.2 The Card and PIN-Code shall delivered to the Cardholder personally or to an authorized representative of the Organization within 7 (seven) Banking Days after signing of General Agreement, provided that the Bank has carried out the Cardholders’ identification procedures as stipulated by effective legislation of Ukraine, after fulfillment of any/all financial obligations which required by the Bank, after conclusion the Agreement with the Cardholder.

PIN-Code shall be delivered in a special sealed envelope. .Only the Cardholder must have the right to use the Card.

2.3 Within 3 (three) calendar days from receipt of the Card by the Cardholder, the Cardholder shall check the Card for bugs by means of obtaining of a statement of the Card Account at the Cash Machine.

2.4 Payment Card issued to the Cardholder shall be property of the Bank.

2.5 The Card may be used for payment for the goods and services by bank transfer/on account, as well as for drawing money at all Card service points. In addition to the aforementioned transactions, the Payment Cards may be used as instruments for operations on entering cash funds to own Card Accounts, for payment for public utility services and other services by cash through the Cash Machines supporting these functions (deposit Cash Machines) and as instruments for settlements (including payments for public utility services and payments to another accounts) using Internet.

2.6 During the entire term of validity of the Agreement with the Cardholder, the Bank shall have the right to set the Spending Limit for number and amount of authorized operations for a day (week, etc.), whereof the Bank shall notify the Cardholder by means of placement of necessary information at the Bank’s premises. Spending using the Card shall be within the Spending Limit.The Cardholder shall be compensated for unauthorized debiting of the Card Account within the Spending Limit.

Note: The Cardholder or his/her Authorized Person shall have the right to remove the Spending Limit by means of filing of a written application with the Bank, however, in such case, the Bank shall not be held liable for any Unauthorized debiting of the Card Account of the Cardholder with any funds.

2.7 To effect a Payment Transaction, a Card should pass an Authorization. According to the Payment System regulations, Payment Transactions with small amounts may be effected without Authorization. Should the currency of Authorization/Payment Transaction be different from the currency of the Card Account, the amount of Authorization is converted in currency of Card account at exchange rate fixed by the Payment System on the date of Authorization of the transaction and the debiting of the Cardholder’s account to the amount of the Payment Transaction effected at the exchange rate fixed by the Bank on the date of debiting funds.

2.8 The maximum term of payment transaction determined by the current legislation of Ukraine and/or payment system rules and/or agreements with the holders and/or general agreement.

2.9 The goods having been purchased using the Payment Card may be returned to the person having sold such goods. The goods shall be returned in accordance with the regulations established by relevant normative acts, and repayment of funds for the product (service) shall be effected by means of entering of such funds to the Card Account, in accordance with the procedure designated by the Payment System regulations, or in cash, provided that it does not conflict with the Payment System regulations.

2.10 Transactions performed by the Cardholders within Ukraine shall be effected in the Ukrainian currency only.

2.11 At purchase or drawing of cash funds, the Cardholder shall produce the Card and endorse the Payment Slip by his/her signature, having checked in advance that the number of the Card, amount and date of transaction are correctly stated in this document. In case of drawing funds at ATM, PIN-Code is used in place of the Cardholder’s signature. The Cardholder must bear in mind that at servicing using the Card he/she may be requested to produce passport or other document for personal identification.

2.12 If the sum of funds exceeds 10 000,00 (ten thousand, 00) UAH or equivalent of this sum in another currency according to officially currency exchange rate UAH to another currency, which determined by National Bank of Ukraine on the date of operation, the Cardholder has to provide the Bank with application on cash withdrawal from of cash-desk in advance (not later then 2 (two) working days before the date of cash withdrawal),

2.13 While receiving an information about Card compromizing (lost of its data) Bank recommends to the Cardholder to reissue compromized card free of charge to minimize the risks of its (compromized card) unauthorized usage.
Warning: In case of oral or written Cardholder’s refusal to reissue compromized card, the Bank in future shall not be responsible for unauthorized operations by such Card and has the rigt not to investigate Cardholder’s application as for unauthorized usage Cards by third persons.

2.13 The Bank reserves the right to restrict the right to use the Card and the Card Account without previous notice in case of violation of the terms and conditions of the Conditions of banking services and/or the Rules by the Payment Card Holder, as well as in case of defining the operations, during monitoring of the Card Transactions, which are specified as Fraudulent actions.

Should the Spending Limit of the Card Account be overspent, as well as in case of a debit balance on the Card Account (authorized or unauthorized Overdraft), the Bank shall suspend servicing of the Cards of such Card Account. The Bank shall remove the ban on use of the Cards after renewal of the positive balance on the Card Account.
In any case of discontinuation/suspension of payments/settlements using the Card for any reason and on any ground whatsoever (expiration, entering in the STOP-List, physical damage, closing of the Card Account, etc.), the Card shall be deemed invalid.

2.14 Should other services be associated with the Card (assistance in extraordinary situations, insurance, etc.), the Bank shall separately notify the Payment Card Holder thereof. The Cardholder shall perform any and all acts and actions, which are necessary in order to ensure provision of such additional services.

2.15 The Bank shall be paid commission remuneration for servicing of the Card Account. The Bank shall independently fix the amount of the commission remuneration based on the Payment System regulations and the Bank’s expenses. The amount of the Bank’s remuneration/fee shall be stated in the Bank’s Tariffs. Pursuant to the Ukrainian legislation, the authorized banks of Ukraine may fix commission remuneration (for the transactions using Payment Card at dispensing of cash funds) in the currency of cash dispensing. Card Account Holder shall bear all responsibilities and obligations with regard to payment of taxes and other compulsory payments to the budget and off-budget funds as may arise from or in connection with Payment Transactions.

2.16 The Bank guarantees confidentiality of the information related to the General Agreement and/or the Agreement with the Cardholder, and the use of the Card. The Bank forms a part of the OTP Group, which includes OTP Bank Hungary, its local and foreign affiliated branches and their daughter companies (OTP Group). OTP Group companies are permanently exchanging information via general information system intended for minimization of the group risk on the whole. The Client/Customer authorizes acquisition, use and disclosure within the OTP Group of the information concerning directly the Client/Customer (for evaluation of risk) and having come to the Bank’s knowledge owing to business relations with the Client/Customer. This authorization shall be extended to the Bank, other members of OTP Group in Hungary and outside Hungary, which have been established and functioning as a single bank, to the international payment systems and banking associations, should any suspicion arise regarding fraudulent use of the Card. This authorization shall withdraw any claims of the Client/Customer as for violation of the Bank secrecy non-disclosure provisions existing in effective Ukrainian legislation by the Bank. The Bank shall not disclose any information about the Client/Customer constituting a bank secrecy to any third persons, except for the cases of communication of such information, in accordance with the procedure and to the extent determined by effective legislation of Ukraine, to credit bureaus, if such information is necessary to bring the bank to protect its rights and interests, and / or transfer of such information if necessary the Bank to fulfill its obligations under the Treaty of the holder and the General Agreement, namely, but not exclusively, in the case of transfer of information on the holder of third parties performing embossing, packaging and sending.

The Cardholder authorizes the Bank to communicate (disclosure) the information concerning directly the Cardholder or Card Accounts to the Organization.

The Cardholder entitles the Organization to communicate (disclosure) the information concerning directly the Cardholder or Card Accounts to the Bank.

2.17 The Cardholder consents to the Bank for disclosuring the information concerning of his activity or/and financial state, which was known by the Bank in process of Client’s servicing and relations with the Client and third persons in process of Bank servicing, including information about terms, conditions of fulfillment of the Client’s liabilities to the Bank and it’s amount or in the event of Client’s commitment’s of the liabilities. The Client agrees to receive another information (advertising, announcement, offers, etc.) from the Bank via telephone or/and facsimile or/and post or/and e-mail (letters, SMS, etc.) according to requisites (address, telephone, fax, e-mail) of the Client that were informed by the Client to the Bank in written.

3. Payment Card Holder.

3.1 The Cardholder shall bear full responsibility:

  • for fulfillment of the Conditions of banking services of Cardholders and the Card Use Rules;
  • for any and all transactions/operations using the Card/ Card Account that have been performed by the Cardholder before expiration of the Agreement with the Cardholder (or its termination) and returning Card to the Bank;
  • for fulfillment of the obligations definite by the Conditions during 45 (forty five) calendar days from the date of expiration of the Agreement with the Cardholder or its termination and returning the Card to the Bank;
  • in other cases provided for by Conditions.

3.2 Payment Card Holder shall:

  • when issued with a Card, affix his/her signature thereto;
  • not disclose the number of the Card, PIN-Code and CVV 2 (3 digits on the front of card on/behind of the signature panel) to any person, including members of the Cardholder’s family, not keep PIN-Code together with the Card, not write PIN-Code on the Card;
  • immediately notify the Bank of loss or theft of the Card, as well as of the fact that PIN-Code or requisite elements of the Card ( the number or Card, term of validity, СVV-2 code) has come to knowledge of any third person;
  • not use Invalid, counterfeit, damaged Card. The Cardholder shall be held liable for violation of this requirement in accordance with effective legislation of Ukraine;
  • when keeping the Card, follow the same safety and security measures as those applied with regard to cash funds and securities;
  • sign only those invoices/bill/accounts and receipts which are drawn up correctly and in full;
  • keep the Payment Slips, which confirm validity of performed transactions, during 3 (three) years from the date of execution of relevant document, and submit such documents to the Bank at the Bank’s short notice;
  • perform transactions using the Card within the set Spending Limit and allow no Overdrafts. In case of Overdraft the Cardholder shall to discharge indebtedness in time;
  • pay for the Bank’s services in accordance with the Bank’s Tariffs;
  • should the Payment Card Holder become doubtful of his/her ability to fulfill the terms and conditions of the Agreement, he/she shall return the Card to the Bank;
  • compensate for all losses incurred by the Bank through the Cardholder’s fault, or through the fault of the Authorized Persons of the Cardholder.

4. Additional Cards.

4.1 Upon written application of the Cardholder, the Bank may issue/deliver the Additional Card to the Cardholder’s Authorized Person. Additional Card shall be issued personally to the Cardholder or the Cardholder’s Authorized Person.

4.2 The Cardholder and the Cardholder’s Authorized Person shall be held jointly liable to the Bank for any and all transactions performed using the Additional Payment Card during the entire term of validity of the Agreement with the Cardholder. The Bank shall have the right to raise demands on any of them.

5. Card Account. Report ( Statement of money).

5.1 The Card Account shall be opened for Cardholder in the national currency of Ukraine.

5.2 The Cardholder may use the Card Account funds only for settlements/payments involving the Card Transactions. The Bank shall debit the Card Account with all amounts related to the expenses incidental to issue of the Card, its renewal and use, as well as in case of termination of the Agreement with the Cardholder. In case of settlements with the members of the international Payment system in foreign currency the conversion commission is included in the amount of transaction, which is debited from the Card Account.

5.3 The Bank shall enter funds on card accounts Cardholder of sum of salaries and other payments, which entered from Organization and money which entered from Cardholder or third person.

The Cardholder shall have the right to settle with the Bank in one of the following manners:

  • entering of cash funds;
  • transfer of funds from other account, including an account with other bank;
  • gives a right for the Bank to provide writing received Organization of sums of salaries and other payments
    The payment shall become effective if received at the requisite elements specified by the Bank, and the Card Account shall be Credited.

5.4 The Bank has the right off card account customers, open the Bank under this agreement, the amount erroneously transferred to the customer (for which Customer is an improper recipient) - if the client did not return the amount improperly for 3 (three) banking days from receipt relevant requirements of the Bank. Customer hereby confirms that the order cancellation order amount specified in p.5.4. it clear that the client and agree with him.

5.5 The Bank shall submit a Report on the Card Account at the claim of the Cardholder. The Report shall include the list of Payment Transactions effected on the Card Account, including payments in favour of the Bank, as well as the balance of the Card Account.

5.6 The Cardholder has the right to apply to the Bank for receiving the Report on the Card Account or, on the grounds of a written application of the Cardholder or, the Bank shall send the Report to the e- mail specified by the Cardholder. As this takes place, the Bank shall not be responsible for loss of the Report or disclosure of the information contained in the Report during remittance by mail o. Non-receipt of the Report shall not release the Cardholder from fulfilment of his/her obligations under the Agreement with the Cardholder.

5.7 Should the Cardholder reveal any discrepancy between the transactions and the amounts stated in the Report and those actually performed, then within 15 (fifteen) calendar days after the end of a regular Settlement Cycle, the Cardholder shall notify the Bank thereof in writing and shall enclose appropriate Payment Slips, failing which the Report shall be deemed confirmed and the Bank shall track all accept no further claims. Should the Cardholder’s claim be grounded, the Bank shall repay the Cardholder the funds withheld/debited in case of Unauthorized Transaction. Should the Cardholder’s claim be ungrounded, the Bank shall have the right to debit the Card Account with all amounts, which were repaid by the Bank under Unauthorized Transaction and all amounts of expenses concerned with the consideration of the application according to the Bank’s Tariffs.

6. Payments. Procedure of Tariffs and/or Rules and/or Condition Modification.

6.1 The Cardholder shall defray all expenses and effect other payments resulting from and arising out of use of the Card in accordance with the valid Bank’s Tariffs.

6.2 The Bank shall have the right to change and supplement the Tariffs/Rules/Conditions subject to prior notification of the Cardholder 14 (fourteen) calendar days prior to the date of implementation of such new Tariffs/Rules/Conditions. The Bank shall notify of any change in the Tariffs/Rules/Conditions by means of placing of relevant information on new Tariffs/Rules/Conditions on the stands in the Bank’s premises or on the formal Bank’s site: The Cardholder undertakes to independently keep track of the Bank’s information concerning change in new Tariffs/Rules/Conditions. Should the Cardholder disagree to new new Tariffs/Rules/Conditions, he/she shall have the right to cancel the Agreement with the Cardholder in accordance with the procedure set forth therein.

6.3 Client/Organization shall pay the Bank for issue of the Cards, their exchange and renewal at opening of a Card Account or at exchange or renewal of the Card.

6.4 Interest on authorized and/or unauthorized Overdraft shall be calculated for each day from the date of occurrence of the Overdraft up to the date of redemption of the indebtedness to the Bank in accordance with the valid Bank’s Tariffs.

Note: If the Transaction takes place in a currency, another than Currency of the Account, the Cardholder authorizes the Bank to carry out from any Accounts of Cardholder a debiting (contractual debiting) of funds to compensate Bank's expenses for conversion collected funds from the Currency of a Payment operation into Currency of a Account at the commmercial exchange rate of the Bank, taking into account all possible nacessary payments in accordance with effective legislation of Ukraine.

6.5. The Cardholder is responsible (responsible for all repayments) for all operations during the agreement’s validity, which were produced by using Card’s requisite elements (personal account number, validity, CVV-2 code) in Internet, which are not to be repaid via Payment System in the result of disputing of such operations.

7. Overdraft.

7.1 The Cardholder shall attend to and keep track of spending of monetary funds from his/her Card Account in order to prevent an Overdraft (either authorized or unauthorized).

7.2 Should an Overdraft occur, the Bank shall immediately block the Card Account and enter the Card in the Stop-List.

7.3 The Cardholder shall enter/pay the amount of funds required for redemption of the amount of Overdraft and charged interest not later then the last workday of the Settlement cycle, following Settlement cycle in which the Overdraft has taken place.

8. Claims.

8.1 The Bank shall not be responsible:

  • for any third person’s (Seller’s) refusal to accept the Card;
  • for the quality of goods and services acquired using the Card;
  • for limits and restrictions set by a third party that may affect the Cardholder’s interests.

9. Loss of Card.

9.1 Should the Card be lost or stolen or should the Card become unusable for any other reason, as well as should PIN-Code or requisite elements of Card ( the number or Card, term of validity, СVV-2) come to any third person’s knowledge, or in the event of unauthorized use of the Card by third persons, the Cardholder shall promptly notify the Bank thereof ( in each branch of the Bank or by tel.: 8-800-30-05-10, 490-05-26) by making a verbal statement. The Organization has the right to inform the Bank if the Card of Cardholder is lost or stolen or should PIN-Code or requisite elements of the Card ( the number or Card, term of validity, СVV-2) are available to the third person, or in the event of unauthorized use of the Card by third persons. Should the Card be lost abroad, the loss shall be reported to the nearest police station or another authorized institutions of this country or the representative office of MasterCard Worldwide following which the Bank should be contacted. Card.Information on all lost and stolen Cards shall be entered in the STOP-List.

9.2 After a lapse from receipt of verbal statement by the Bank of loss (theft) of the Card or any unauthorized use of the Card by third persons, the Bank instantly, however within the time period is technically necessary for action to halt settlements using Card(s), except technical failure of software blocking the Card(s) a Cardholder can not be held liable for transactions made with the card after card blocking, except as provided by Terms.

9.3 In case the Bank received message from Paymant System in relation to the fact of theft or loss of card abroad, Bank with the purpose of blocking the operations without Authorizing brings such Card into international electronic and l paper STOP-lists.

9.4 The Cardholder/Organization shall have the right to appeal to Bank with a writing statement about bringing the Card into international electronic and international paper STOP-list with pointing of country, where a card was lost or stolen. From a day, following after the day of writing of statement, the Cardholder shall be released from liability for payment of any/all unauthorized Transactions, conducted without Authorizing by the Card.

9.5 The Cardholder undertakes to furnish the Bank, if necessary, with all information required for investigation of the circumstances of loss of the Card.

9.6 Should any Card that has been reported to be lost or stolen, be found, the Cardholder shall immediately notify the Bank thereof. The Bank shall issue a new Card upon written application of the Cardholder.

10. Term of validity of the Card.

10.1 Card shall be valid up to the last day of the year and month (inclusive) that is indicated on the face of the Card.

10.2 The Bank shall issue a new Card provided that the terms of the General Agreement or Agreement with the Cardholder have not been violated; as this takes place, the old Card shall be cancelled in accordance with the established procedure.

10.3 The Cardholder shall be responsible for destruction of all Cards of the Card Account in question after expiration of such Cards, and in case of Invalidation of the Cards – for return of such Cards to the Bank.

11. Remote identification of the Cardholders/Confidant Cardholder.

11.1 During the remote verbal Cardholder’s/Confidant Cardholder appeal to the Bank’s Call-centre the Bank has carried out the Cardholders’/Confidant holder identification procedures using the Password, marked in Application by Cardholder/Confidant Cardholder.

11.2 The verbal orders of the Cardholder/ Confidant Cardholder during servicing in the Bank’s Call-centre shall be equated with writing orders and shall be foundation for recovering of the satisfy commissions (if such take place) , in accordance with the Bank’s Tariffs.

11.3 The Cardholder/ Confidant Cardholder shall be held full liable for any/all possible losses which became effect of disclosure the Password to other persons.

11.4 If it is impossible to give the Password for the employee of the to the Bank’s Call-centre for identification procedures Cardholder/ Confidant Cardholder shall appeal to the Bank and, giving a document which identify the person of Cardholder/ Confidant Cardholder, to change password. To the moment of changing the Password the Cardholder/ Confidant Cardholder can use the limited list of services of the Bank’s Call-centre which is set independently by Bank, on condition of furnishing upon request of employee of t the Bank’s Call-centre of the additional personal information for identification of Cardholder/ Confidant Cardholder.