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Let's help together!

Let's help together!

Helping your loved ones is extremely important. A grandmother from the Donetsk region is her own. Even if she is someone else's grandmother. And a family from the Kherson region whose house was destroyed is also theirs. Even if you are from Kyiv and have never crossed paths. And they need help. Now there is no small care or help: even a paid grocery basket for someone can be a manifestation of great, great care.

We teamed up with Fozzy Group and decided to increase the amount of donations from those who want to support Ukrainians with products they do not know but their Ukrainians on the platform social.edopomoga.gov.ua

How it works:

1. Complete a quick registration on the yesPomoga platform in the category "Receiving and providing volunteer assistance".

2. Go to the item "Help quickly online", select the category "Products" and add a mark next to the networks "Silpo", "Le Silpo", "Fora", "THRASH! Траш!! and FOZZY C&C.

3. Choose the application you want to complete and the nominal amount of assistance (prepayment for the product) that is convenient for you: UAH 200, UAH 500 or UAH 1,000.

4. For payment by Mastercard, the amount of your assistance will increase by UAH 50, UAH 75 or UAH 100, respectively.

After payment, the recipient in need of assistance will receive an electronic code ("Prepayment" electronic code).

The code can be used in one of the retail chains: "Silpo", "Le Silpo", "Fora", "THRASH! Траш!! and FOZZY.

The offer – an increase in the amount of prepayment assistance for the product – is valid from 06.07.2023. until 31.12.2023 in stores of the Silpo, Le Silpo, Fora, THRASH! Траш!! and FOZZY, which operate on the territory of Ukraine, subject to payment by Mastercard card. Detailed conditions are available at mastercard.edopomoga.gov.ua.

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