Report a violation

If you get known any facts of improper behavior of our employees, which may injure Bank’s interests or reputation, you may inform us about it by sending the appropriate message.

Each reported case will be obligatory studied.

Form of notification of violation

You also could use following channels to report:

If you want to submit an online notification of violations at the group level, you can use the following link - OTP Group whistleblowing interface. Such notification will be sent to the OTP Bank Plc. Compliance Board or to a subsidiary selected from the list available in the interface. You should choose a group-level whistleblowing only, if your notification relates to OTP Bank Plc or to a member of the OTP Group but you wish to report to the Group Management Entity. The group-level whistleblowing is submitted to OTP Bank Plc. Compliance Directorate of the OTP Bank Group, and a report made to an OTP Group member selected from the list will be received by the area of the subsidiary responsible for investigating the report.

Information related to the management of Notifications: