Be free!

Do you want always be free despite any challenges or to be independent from restrictions or to choose the pace of movement and the necessary financial decisions by your own?

All this is possible with the action "Be free!" from OTP Bank:

✔ place free funds in a reliable European bank - and be confident in the future;

✔ freely choose the interest rate for your savings - either a term deposit for 30 days or a savings account;

✔ follow the promotion conditions, accumulate your maximum number of chances and find out every two weeks during the live drawing if you have become the owner of a modern electric scooter for guaranteed free movement regardless of the circumstances.

CityCoco Atlas Urban electric scooter

Within ten weeks, the bank will be raffling off five electric scooters among the participants who meet the promotion conditions. One winner will be chosen in each of the five promotion stages.

To take part in the promotion, one should:

  • open a deposit or a saving account that participates in it for UAH 10,000 during the promotion period in the nearest Bank branch or OTP Smart mobile application.
  • Or

  • make a replenishment for UAH 10,000 of a savings deposit opened in OTP Bank before the beginning of the action;
  • send your data on the form.

Do you want to increase your chances?

Every additional UAH 10,000 on a deposit or savings deposit increases the chances of winning, but in different ways!

UAH 10,000 deposited in a term deposit provides two chances to win (your data will be entered into the draw participants' database twice),

and UAH 10,000 deposited in a savings deposit = 1 chance to win (your data will be added into the database only once).

Consider the examples:

  1. You have UAH 30,000 and want to participate in the promotion but have free access to money. If you put them all on a savings deposit, you will have three chances when drawing a scooter.
  2. You have UAH 30,000 and want to get as many chances as possible during the draw. Open a term deposit and get six possibilities to win at once!
  3. You have UAH 30,000, you want to get more chances in the draw, but you are not sure that you will not need some money in a few weeks. We advise you to put UAH 20,000 on a deposit and UAH 10,000 on a savings account. You will have 4 + 1 = 5 chances. If you place UAH 20,000 on a savings account and UAH 10,000 on a deposit, you will have four chances during the draw.
Please, note that to participate in the promotion, the balance of your deposits (deposit or savings) must be at least UAH 10,000 higher than at the beginning of the promotion period. Chances for deposits and replenishments made during the previous stages of the promotion are added.

Auction stages

Auction is valid from 25. May to 3. August 2022 and consists of five stages

  • 10.06.2022 (25.05.2022 – 08.06.2022 period). 1st stage winner - Nezhura M.Y., Kyiv.
  • 24.06.2022 (09.06.2022 – 22.06.2022 period). 2st stage winner - Trofymenko A.S., Kryvyi Rig.
  • 08.07.2022 (23.06.2022 – 06.07.2022 period). 3st stage winner - Ruzhytska T.V., Lviv.
  • 22.07.2022 (07.07.2022 – 20.07.2022 period). 4st stage winner - Trykoz K. G., Kyiv.
  • 05.08.2022 (21.07.2022 – 03.08.2022 period) 5st stage winner - Kravchuk M. I., Kyiv.

Reviews of the winners of the promotion

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