It doesn't matter where you are - in Ukraine or abroad. Thanks to the "Telemedicine" service, you can get advice and help from Ukrainian doctors in any country.

You can talk to a family doctor or a specialized specialist – a therapist, a pediatrician, an ENT specialist, a gynecologist, a surgeon, a gastroenterologist, a dermatologist, an orthopedist, a neurologist, a traumatologist.

According to the level of your card, you get:

  • With Visa Platinum, Visa Platinum Business -– 5 free consultations per year.
  • With Visa Signature, Visa Signature Business – 10 free consultations per year.
  • With Visa Infinite – an unlimited number of free consultations per year.

You can use "Telemedicine" in the Visa Ukraine chatbot https://mssg.me/service_concierge.

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