Chatbot Visa.Ukraine

Chatbot Visa.Ukraine

Visa customers always have a virtual assistant - the Visa.Ukraine Tea-bot, where you can find out information about offers and special privileges valid for your card.

The service is available to holders of all Visa cards.

By connecting a chatbot in one of the messengers, you get a virtual assistant that allows you to:

  • Contact the concierge service to resolve everyday issues quickly and effortlessly.
  • Receive information about special offers for premium cards.
  • Learn basic information about the privileges of your card - access to the Visa Premium tariff from SWEET.TV and much more.
  • Make transfers by card number.
  • Use "Support 360" - a channel for feedback and consultation on Visa services and products.

Details https://www.visa.com.ua/uk_UA/pay-with-visa/promotions/chatbot.html.

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