Help those who need it!

Help those who need it!

єHelp is a state platform for people who need help, as well as for those who have the opportunity to provide it. Now it is difficult for many Ukrainians, but there are those who lack even basic things: food, clothing or medicine. In just a few clicks, you can not only provide targeted and transparent coverage of current needs, but also check what was purchased for your certificate.

How can you help:

1. Register on the social.edopomoga.gov.ua platform in the "Receiving and providing volunteer assistance" category.

2. Go to the item "Help quickly online".

3. Select the application you want to respond to and the amount of assistance that is convenient for you.

4. Pay for the social certificate "Dopomoga Subscription" with a Mastercard.

A person will be able to independently receive goods in stores, in partner stores of the eDopomoga platform.

Support your own: https://social.edopomoga.gov.ua/uk/.

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