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Those who are interested buy "Dobropalyvo" for volunteers at WOG with Visa and OTP Bank

Those who are interested buy

Join the charitable initiative "Dobropalivo" from Visa and WOG, the purpose of which is to support with high-quality fuel the volunteers of the foundations, which carry out the delivery of essential goods to the de-occupied and front-line territories of Ukraine.

The collected funds will go to the "Birds" project from the "Feel" Charitable Foundation, the "Zhyttelyub" charitable foundation and the humanitarian direction of the Serhiy Prytula Foundation.

It is very easy to support the initiative:

  • Buy "Fuel" on WOG and leave it for volunteers;
  • Pay for "Dobropalyvo" with an OTP Bank card from Visa and your charitable liters will be doubled.

Let's do good things together!

The offer is valid for holders of all OTP Bank Visa cards until December 18, 2023.

Terms and conditions: visa.com.ua.

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