JSC “OTP Bank” highly appreciates its reputation of a very reliable and transparent financial institution and meets its clients and partners expectations for honest, fair and impartial fulfillment of functional duties by bank employees. Clients’ trust is base on the confidence that all services are provided with regard to professional ethics and fulfilled according to the highest standards of quality. In order to achieve this goal the Bank developed Code of Ethics which serves to establish high standards of conduct.

If you get known any facts of improper behavior of our employees, which may injure Bank’s interests or reputation, you may inform us about it by sending the appropriate message.

Each reported case will be obligatory studied. We also draw your attention that you can address us anonymously, but if you indicate your contact requisites we will inform you of the results of the investigation.

With your help we can improve the quality of provided services and create such conditions under which private interests of Bank employee, his/her business and other relations will not be able to discredit the procedure of decision making and harm the good reputation of the Bank.

Under the condition of observing the following recommendations your reported case will be obligatory investigated.

1. You should obligatory indicate the name of a Bank outlet, department, division or any other structural unit of the Bank, and also the name and position of the employee whose conduct, in your opinion, seems to be improper; you should also indicate the date of the incident.

2. You should choose the topic of the message and ground the fact of improper fulfillment of duties by Bank employee, and, if possible, submit the evidence.

3. You should indicate if you are the employee of the Bank or have other business relations (clients, counteragents, partners of the Bank).

4. If you indicate your full name and contact requisites, we shall for sure inform you of the results of the investigation.

5. Messages sent with the purpose of settlement of personal conflicts with the Bank employees will not be investigated.

6. Complaints having attitude to the quality of services should be addressed to the Service quality department.