The activity of the Compliance function covers the OTP BANK JSC as a whole, including all of its organisational units and activities. Persons performing outsourced activities or engaged as experts or advisors, whether natural or legal persons, must meet compliance requirements and standards as well.

The compliance function is operated in order to create a lawful and ethical corporate culture that ensures the prudential and ethical operation of the Bank in the long term.

The Bank provides adequate protection of the personal data processed by it in accordance with the applicable national laws and regulations. Bank has established, operates and applies a system for regulation, implementation and auditing that provides for the adequate protection of personal data by meeting the criteria specified in applicable legislation and safeguarding its core business interests.

The Bank ensures the appropriate enforcement of consumer protection considerations during product development and the consumer protection and competition law compliance of all commercial communication.

To determine the rules for using OTP Bank's own social networking platforms and promoting transparent, unified communication, an appropriate Policy has been developed, which is also created to provide employees with recommendations on the use of social networking platforms for professional or private purposes.

In accordance with the sustainability (ESG) criteria, the Bank assesses and evaluates its activity from the aspect of the activity’s environmental impact (E), social fairness (S) and the related corporate governance issues (G) and ensures its compliance with the relevant legislative requirements.

The Bank has a Conflict of Interest Regulation and a Conflict of Interest Policy, adopted to avoid, identify and manage any conflicts of interest that may harm the Bank's clients or the Bank's interests. These documents identify the circumstances that give rise to, or may lead to, a conflict of interest during the Bank's operations and contain the relevant procedural rules and measures applied by the Bank to manage the conflict of interest.

As an ethical and law-abiding institution, the Bank and all its management complies with all legal requirements, including the requirements of anti-corruption legislation, and abides by the principle of zero tolerance for corruption and bribery, rejection of all forms of corruption and full support in the fight against corruption. The Bank prohibits any action for the purpose of obtaining an advantage without the right or wrongful advantage (financial or other benefits, such as gifts, credit, pledge, any loan offer, discounts, entertainment, services, bonuses / benefits, job offers, tours, etc.) in exchange for loyalty.

The Bank has developed an anti-corruption program for OTP BANK in order to achieve its anti-corruption goals. The Program is an internal regulatory document of the Bank that defines key principles and requirements aimed at preventing corruption and observing the Bank of Ukraine's anti-corruption legislation, as well as norms and requirements of international anti-corruption legislation.

JSC “OTP Bank” highly appreciates its reputation of a very reliable and transparent financial institution and meets its clients and partners expectations for honest, fair and impartial fulfillment of functional duties by bank employees. Clients’ trust is base on the confidence that all services are provided with regard to professional ethics and fulfilled according to the highest standards of quality. In order to achieve this goal the Bank developed Code of Ethics which serves to establish high standards of conduct.

If you get known any facts of improper behavior of our employees, which may injure Bank’s interests or reputation, you may inform us about it by sending the appropriate message. Each reported case will be obligatory studied.

We also draw your attention that you can address us anonymously, but if you indicate your contact requisites we will inform you of the results of the investigation.

With your help we can improve the quality of provided services and create such conditions under which private interests of Bank employee, his/her business and other relations will not be able to discredit the procedure of decision making and harm the good reputation of the Bank.

Please, sent your messages to compliance via this form.

Under the condition of observing the following recommendations your reported case will be obligatory investigated

1. You should obligatory indicate the name of a Bank outlet, department, division or any other structural unit of the Bank, and also the name and position of the employee whose conduct, in your opinion, seems to be improper; you should also indicate the date of the incident.

2. You should choose the topic of the message and ground the fact of improper fulfillment of duties by Bank employee, and, if possible, submit the evidence.

3. You should indicate if you are the employee of the Bank or have other business relations (clients, counteragents, partners of the Bank).

4. If you indicate your full name and contact requisites, we shall for sure inform you of the results of the investigation.

5. Messages sent with the purpose of settlement of personal conflicts with the Bank employees will not be investigated.

6. Complaints having attitude to the quality of services should be addressed to the Service quality department.

Please also note that the Bank has the General Rules and Principles of OTP Bank and OTP Group JSC regarding the application of sanctions and reputation protection, whereby the Bank is suspended from conducting and conducting sensitive and sanctioning operations of its clients in order to avoid negative impact on the Bank's reputation. . Thus, if a party to the transaction is a person to whom restrictive measures apply, or if the transaction is sensitive in terms of reputation, the Bank refuses to service such operations.

Sensitive operations are:

  • according to the subject of the operation: defense industry, military equipment; manufacture of weapons and ammunition, arms trade; nuclear power; space industry; gambling, betting; adult entertainment; dual-use goods and technologies; oil exploration, oil extraction; production of explosive substances;
  • according to the participant of the operation: the armed forces; Ministry of Defense; naval forces; Air Force; semi-military groups; political parties, organizations.

Please note that some sensitive transactions may be subject to sanctions.

Please understand the restrictions imposed by the Bank related to the refusal to service sensitive and sanctioned transactions.