Our history

JOINT-STOCK COMPANY OTP BANK is one of the largest domestic banks, the recognized leader of Ukraine's financial sector. Represented in the Ukrainian market since 1998, OTP Bank enjoys sound reputation for being socially responsible, reliable and sustainable financial institution providing its consumers with services of European quality standards.

Key moments in the history of the bank

1998 март
Raiffeisenbank Ukraine was founded as a bank with 100% foreign capital
The bank entered Top-10 of the largest banks of Ukraine
OTP Bank Plc., leader of the Hungarian banking market with market share of almost 25%, became a hundred-percent owner of the bank. The bank was renamed to OTP Bank (OTP BANK JSC)

Except Hungary, OTP Bank Plc. operates through its subsidiary banks in 9 CEE countries (Ukraine, Albania, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro). OTP Group provides high quality financial solutions to meet the needs of customers through almost 1500 branches
Nowadays, OTP BANK JSC is captaining OTP financial group in Ukraine, which includes Asset Management Company OTP Capital LLC and OTP Leasing LLC.

All OTP Group companies have been showing outstanding performance taking the leading positions in their segments.

Our Shareholder

OTP Bank Plc.

1949 – OTP Bank Plc. was founded in Hungary as the state-owned National Savings Bank, which started its activity with retail deposits and loans, gradually enriching the range of services, expanding customer base and increasing its market share.

1990 – National Savings Bank became a public company with a share capital of HUF 23 billion. Its name was changed to the National Savings and Commercial Bank branded as OTP Bank Plc.

1995 – OTP Bank's privatization began. As a result the state's ownership in the bank decreased to a single voting preference (golden) share (which later, in 1997, under the laws of Hungary, was transferred into ordinary shares). Currently the bank is characterized by dispersed ownership of mostly private and institutional (financial) investors.

After privatization process was completed, OTP Bank started its international expansion with several successful acquisitions in the banking markets of CEE countries, namely:

2001 – first successful acquisition of a subsidiary bank in Slovakia – OTP Banka Slovensko;

2003 – a subsidiary bank in Bulgaria – DSK Bank;

2004 – a subsidiary bank in Romania – OTP Bank Romania;

2005 – a subsidiary bank in Croatia – OTP banka Hrvatska;

2006 – successful acquisitions of subsidiaries in Serbia (OTP banka Srbija), Montenegro (Crnogorska komercijalna banka) and Ukraine (JSC OTP Bank).

2006 – in Ukraine, OTP Bank Plc. purchased one of the leaders of the Ukrainian financial sector – Raiffeisenbank Ukraine, founded in 1998 as a bank with 100% foreign capital. At the time of acquisition the bank served above 100,000 clients, providing a full range of banking services to corporate and private clients, as well as to small and medium businesses. After the deal closing in November 2006, OTP Bank Plc. became a hundred-percent owner of Raiffeisenbank Ukraine and the bank was renamed to OTP Bank JSC respectively.

Today international OTP Group as a dominant banking player in Hungary and the Central European region provides high quality financial services for clients in 12 countries through its branches and affiliated companies, ATM and POS network, electronic channels and extensive partner network.