OTP Podviynyi – double catch from OTP Group: bank deposit for 3 months and mutual fund for 12 months

OTP Bank and AMC “OTP Capital” offer a joint product – OTP Podviynyi, which expands clients’ investment opportunities by combining two different financial instruments: a classic 3-month deposit from OTP Bank and a mutual fund from OTP Capital. The investment is divided into two equal parts between these components. The cooperation of these two strategic partners from OTP Group produces double efforts to achieve the best investment result, double risk control and double protection of investments.

OTP Podviynyi provides a fixed interest rate on a deposit, which is 3 points higher than the standard deposit in OTP Bank – 15% per annum – as well as an opportunity to receive additional income from participation in the fund, which invests money into G-bonds, which are currently bringing more than 16% of annual yield. An additional advantage of investing in the fund is obtaining profit in form of dividends, which allows to reduce taxation by half, down to 9% (+1.5% military tax).

Reliability of this investment is confirmed not only by years of experience and perfect reputation of OTP Group, but also by state guarantees. The deposit from OTP Bank is guaranteed by the Deposit Guarantee Fund. The strategy of the mutual fund involves the investment in government bonds, guaranteed by state.

“For the first time, a similar "hybrid" product was launched in 2012 in Ukraine, following the successful experience of Hungarian colleagues, OTP Fund Management and OTP Bank. In recent years the offer of such a program by OTP Capital and OTP Bank twice a year has become a good tradition in Ukraine, aimed to give a good opportunity for investors to try mutual fund as alternative way of investing and at the same time to obtain a higher rate for deposit. The yield of such product is usually 3-5 percentage points higher than standard deposit rates. This time it's possible to get a double catch of benefits from OTP Group only till the middle of October, but the total emission is limited, so I would not advise you to postpone the investment till the last day," - said Vitaliy Dyshlovy, Head of Sales and Marketing Department of Asset Management Company “OTP Capital”.

Note: the profitability of investments made on financial market can increase or decrease. Fund performance results in the past do not guarantee the same performance results in the future. The state does not guarantee the profitability of investments in mutual funds. AMC OTP Capital LLC does not guarantee returns of investment instruments mentioned in this material.

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AMC OTP Capital LLC was established in July 2007 by the Ukrainian OTP Bank (9.9%) and the Hungarian Asset Management Company OTP Fund Management (90.1%), and became the second OTP Group representative after OTP Bank in Ukraine.

The company provides a wide range of high quality investment services to both corporate clients and individuals, and is one of the leaders in the mutual investment market. AMC OTP Capital manages seven public investment funds, eight venture funds, assets of insurance companies, as well as four non-governmental pension funds, including the largest non-governmental pension fund in Ukraine – Open Pension Fund “OTP Pension”, the FreeFlight Monetary Fund and the Magistral Pension Fund for railway and transport construction staff. There is UAH 4.1 billion of its assets under management.

Public joint stock company OTP Bank is one of the largest domestic banks, a recognized leader in the financial sector of Ukraine. The Bank provides a full range of financial services to corporate and private customers, as well as to small and medium enterprises. The Bank entered the Ukrainian market in 1998, and since then it enjoys a staunch reputation of socially responsible, reliable and stable institution providing its consumers with services of European quality standard. Its absolute owner is the largest Hungarian Bank OTP Bank Plc.