The future is easy! OTP Kids is an investment for children and their parents

For the first time in Ukraine, OTP Capital launched an investment tool to accumulate funds for the benefit of the child. OTP Kids certificates can be issued for both parents and a child. For parents, the fund provides an opportunity to generate start-up capital for a child – for education, for housing, for own business or any other needs or dreams of a child. Parents can also use this tool to teach their children financial literacy and investments. Children with free funds also can safely try interesting themselves to increase their first capital.

«Our investment product line includes mutual and pension funds that have different strategies and goals. It is time to take care of one of the greatest values of our lives - our children. Raising a child is perhaps the most expensive "project" in a person's life, and without proper planning and accumulation of funds, it is almost impossible to implement it successfully. That is why we propose to use OTP Kids and, for example, to create a college fund for your child to study at the best universities in Ukraine or any other country. Just like it is done in developed countries»”, says Natalia Mezhenska, CEO of OTP Capital Asset Management Company.

The fund's investment strategy is aimed at using all possible financial instruments permitted by law to achieve the best investment results. It is estimated that 50% of the funds will be deposited with OTP Bank to ensure stable guaranteed income. The other 50% will be invested in stock market instruments that will maximize the return on investment at an acceptable level of risk, for example, now - in government and corporate bonds, later - in stocks, derivatives, etc. It also envisages a partial or full transition to foreign currency instruments during a period of hryvna devaluation expectations.

«There are almost no long-term savings tools for children in the banking market of Ukraine. Therefore, together with OTP Capital, we have decided to introduce a fund that provides additional opportunities for our clients, which will be available in all OTP Bank branches. Placing half of the fund's funds on OTP Bank deposit will create an additional level of protection and reliability for these investments», says Volodymyr Mudryi, member of the Board of Directors of OTP Bank.

It is possible to buy OTP Kids investment certificates at any business day, to sell them at any time, but not earlier than one year after the initial investment. Thus, investors have a long-term liquid investment with the right of replenishment and withdrawal at any time.

Note: the profitability of investments made on financial market can increase or decrease. Fund performance results in the past do not guarantee the same performance results in the future. The state does not guarantee the profitability of investments in mutual funds. AMC OTP Capital LLC does not guarantee returns of investment instruments mentioned in this material.

Asset management company OTP Capital was established in July 2007 and became the second after OTP Bank representative of OTP Group in Ukraine. The company provides a wide range of high quality investment services to both corporate clients and individuals and is one of the leaders of the collective investments market. Under the management of AMC OTP Capital are 7 public mutual funds, 3 venture funds as well as open private pension fund OTP Pension. Total assets under management as of 31.03.2014 amount to UAH 187.74 mln.

To read the prospectus of the funds under management of OTP Capital please visit OTP Capital: 12 Kutuzova St., Kyiv or visit www.otpcapital.com.ua. License of NSSMC AD № 075876 from 28.09.2012 issued to LLC AMC OTP Capital.

Public joint stock company OTP Bank is one of the largest domestic banks, a recognized leader in the financial sector of Ukraine. The Bank provides a full range of financial services to corporate and private customers, as well as to small and medium enterprises. The Bank entered the Ukrainian market in 1998, and since then it enjoys a staunch reputation of socially responsible, reliable and stable institution providing its consumers with services of European quality standard. Its absolute owner is the largest Hungarian Bank OTP Bank Plc.