OTP Bank is first ever rated by International Rating Agency Moody’s Investor Service

On March 25th, 2008 Moody's Investor Service assigned a bank financial strength rating (BFSR) of D to OTP Bank with a stable outlook. At the same time, Moody’s assigned global local currency deposit ratings of Baa2/Prime2, foreign currency deposit ratings of B2 (positive outlook)/Not Prime and a national scale rating of Aaa.ua.

According to Moody’s, D BFSR of OTP Bank reflects its advanced risk management processes, solid
franchise as the tenth largest bank in Ukraine with a market share of between 2% and 4% an all key measures (at the end of 2007) also supported by diversification to both the corporate and retail segments, its good name recognition as one of the leading foreign bank subsidiaries in Ukraine and strong financial fundamentals.

 “OTP has historically been one of the leading institutions among the Ukrainian banks fully owned by strategic foreign shareholders that helped to attain a good level of organisational sophistication in the Ukrainian context”, explains Mr. Piven, lead analyst for OTP Bank at Moody’s.

He also adds that the bank’s committed shareholders has been providing it with regular capital injections to enable it to catch up with the market growth at relatively low cost as well as offering stable funding. The bank’s experienced management team comprising local professionals is also considered to be a positive rating factor.

OTP Bank — is an universal bank which granting full range of financial services for private individuals and corporate clients. On the Ukrainian market it has proof reputation of innovative structure which constantly growing business volumes and offers to its customers the highest quality products.

According to the Association of Ukrainian banks (AUB) as on February 01, 2008, OTP Bank is the 8-th largest bank in terms of assets, the 7-th in terms of loan portfolio. OTP Bank’s network comprises 24 branches, 103 outlets and 37 representative offices all over Ukraine.

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