Counterparty notification

Dear Partners,

According to Section 2 Article 12 of the Law of Ukraine On Protection of Personal Data, we would hereby inform you that your personal data are included into personal data databases of OTP Bank JSC (hereinafter – the “Bank”).

The category of data being processed: general personal data subject to processing. Processing of personal data on race or ethnicity, political, religious or world views, membership in political parties and trade unions, as well as data relating to health or sexual life shall be not conducted.

Personal data shall be processed when implementing relations regulated by the Civil Code of Ukraine, Economic Code of Ukraine, Laws of Ukraine On Joint Stock Companies, On Banks and Banking, On Prevention and Counteraction of Legalization (Laundering) of the Proceeds from Crime, and Terrorism Financing, as well as by the Bank’s internal documents etc., with the purpose of:

  • concluding, changing, terminating of agreements, fulfilling of agreements, and also with the purpose of conducting actions pertaining to concluding, changing, terminating and/or fulfilling of agreements, as well as providing direct contacting with a subject of personal data by communication means;
  • providing services by third parties (any legal entity being in contractual relations with the Bank, as well as OTP Group members (hereinafter - “Third Parties”) to the Bank with the aim of fulfilling of its functions and/or fulfilling of contracts with Third Parties, including cession of rights;
  • protection by the Bank of its legal rights and interests, including transmission of data to financial institutions;
  • exercising the rights and fulfilling the duties by the Bank under contractual relations between the subject of personal data and the Bank.

We hereby inform you that the personal data may be transmitted to Third Parties only with the above purpose and with an explicit consent of the subject of personal data.

According to Article 8 of the Law of Ukraine On Protection of Personal Data, a subject of personal data has the right to:

1) know about the location of personal data database, which contain his/her personal data, its purpose and name, location and/or place of residence (stay) of owner or administrator of such database or to issue the respective instruction (proxy) to receive this information by authorized persons, except for cases established by the Law;

2) receive the information about the conditions of access to personal data, namely the information about Third Parties to whom the personal data included into the database are transmitted;

3) receive access to his/her personal data included into the respective personal data database;

4) receive a response with regard to whether his/her personal data is stored in a respective personal data database, as well as to receive the content of his/her personal data being stored in such database, within 30 days from the date the request has been filed, except for cases established by the Law;

5) provide a motivated request with objection against processing of his/her personal data by public authority, local authority while performing its functions;

6) provide a motivated request with regard to change or destruction of his/her personal data by any owner and administrator of such database, if such data is processed illegally or are inaccurate;

7) protect his/her personal data from any illegal processing and accidental loss, destruction, damage due to a deliberate concealing, failure to provide or delayed provision of such data, and also to protect from providing false data or data discrediting the honor, dignity and business reputation;

8) address the state authorities, local municipal bodies which are competent to perform protection of personal data, with regard to protection of his/her rights to personal data;

9) apply all and any means of legal protection in case of violation the legislation on personal data protection.

Personal non-property rights on personal data possessed by each natural person are integral and infrangible.

Disposal of personal data of a natural person being restricted in civil capacity or disqualified shall be performed by such person’s legal representative.

Processing of personal data belonging to bank secret shall be effected according to the requirements of current legislation governing this field, namely by the Law of Ukraine On Banks and Banking and bylaws of the National Bank of Ukraine.

Respectfully yours,

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