Anti-fraud center


If you have something to tell about clients, or about the bank employees, or about poor performance of banking service, or about that someone forced you, or the bank to spend the extra money, you can send this information to anti-fraud center, using the form below.

Remarks: anonymous messages are not considered!

For all your reports, our staff will check and correct the problems identified by you.

Thank you.

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I give the OTP Bank, JSC (hereinafter – «the Bank») a consent to processmy personal data specified in this questionnaire/form in order to offer and/or to provide me (or the Bank customer, in the name of which I act) with the Bank services, particularly by contacting me directly by the means of communication, and considering the specified question.
* According to the Law of Ukraine «On personal data securing», a «Personal data processing» is defined as any action or a set of actions fully or partly executed in an informational (automated) system and/or personal data files, regarding the private individual (customer) data gathering, registrating, accumulating, keeping, adapring, changing, refreshing, using and sharing (dissaminating, selling, transferring), depersonalizing, deleting. *