Investment business


OTP Bank is the emitter of corporate bonds, the first one among Ukrainian commercial banks with 100% foreign capital to place own bonds successfully on the open market in 2001-2004.

OTP Bank is universal credit institution that high ranked among Ukrainian commercial banks for corporate clients servicing enables to offer it to potential emitters universal servicing package.

Theoretically bond loan emission and placement project involves whole range of professional market parties. Taking into consideration market rates it can make loan seem economically senseless in a short-term based on amount of rewards for emitter agents. But OTP Bank playing a role of general emitter agent is able to offer service package necessary for bond emission placement and servicing.


  • Organizing and financial consulting;
  • Underwriting services;
  • Agents Services.

During year 2005 OTP Bank has been playing a role of underwriter and Co-underwriter of the following bold loans:


ProCredit Bank:


HARP Trading: