Purchase of foreign currency is a basic operation within a foreign trade business of the companies.

Operation of foreign currency purchase is executed on the basis of a Client application and a package of documents confirming the relevancy of the operation. The following order of the operation execution is regulated by the current legislation of Ukraine:

  • The customer provides to the Bank an Application for the purchase of foreign currency;
  • The application on purchase of foreign currency is executed by the Bank within the terms defined by the current legislation of Ukraine.

Instruction for buying foreign currency

Purchase of foreign currency
The list of documents that are the basis for the purchase of foreign currency
  • Contract including appendices and additions;
  • Customs declaration;
  • Invoice, specification, etc.;
  • Certificate of completion / services provided;
  • Other documents, the provision of which may be provided in accordance with the current legislation.

Currency transactions

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Purchase of foreign currency at the current contract?

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