Depositary Services

Main information about depository activities of JSC "OTP BANK"

JSC "OTP BANK" works with both operating depositories in Ukraine: Depository of National Bank of Ukraine for recording of government securities and PJSC "National Depository of Ukraine" for recording of corporate and municipal securities, as well as with the foreign financial institution OTP Bank Plc regarding recording of securities of foreign issuers.

JSC "OTP BANK" is an active member of the Professional Association of Capital and Derivatives Market Participants (PARD). Bank constantly takes part in work of the PARD committees connected with issues related to development of capital market of Ukraine.

Since October 12, 2013 OTP Bank acts under licenses for the right of implementation of depository activity in stock market on the following kinds of activity:

OTP Bank carries out the professional activity in compliance with normative documents of National Bank of Ukraine, National Securities and Stock Market Commission, applicable legislation of Ukraine and Regulation on Depository Activities of Depositary OTP Bank.

Service of clients is carried out with following conditions:

OTP bank provides a full complex of depository services for individual and legal entities, residents and non-residents persons. OTP Bank serves more than 30 thousand securities accounts today.

Custody services of OTP Bank

  • Securities account opening
  • Safekeeping of securities
  • Execute of the transactions on securities accounts
  • Corporate actions and participation in corporate actions on behalf of the client
  • Obtaining cash proceeds with further transfer to the client’s current account
  • Information operations (providing with the references and statements of holding from the securities account, statements of transactions on the securities account and other information connected with securities account)
  • Providing with information and consulting services regarding market conditions, terms and conditions of securities circulation and other information necessary for the client to exercise its rights and obligations
Securities account opening

For securities account opening you need to make the following actions:

Information for shareholders who have securities accounts opened during the securities issue’s dematerialization process

To begin obtaining services the shareholder needs to provide OTP Bank with a package of documents for identification in compliance with requirements of the Ukrainian legislation and obligatory to address it personally to OTP Bank. It is necessary to have passport with you.

For receiving the first statement of holding from the securities account it is necessary to fill in the order to perform information operation and to address it personally to OTP Bank. It is necessary to have passport with you.

Orders for executing the depository transactions

For executing the depository transactions you need to provide OTP Bank with orders in compliance with the following forms: