Documentary Operations


OTP Bank is dealing with all types of documentary operations:

Documentary Credits:

  • export letters of credit;
  • import letters of credit.

Bank Guarantees:

  • bid bonds (tender guarantees);
  • performance guarantees;
  • advance payment guarantees;
  • payment guarantees;
  • stand-by letters of credit;
  • credit repayment guarantees.

Documentary collection.

The main advantages of letters of credit and bank guarantees are:


  • letters of credit and bank guarantees may be utilized by you as an alternative to credit funds attraction.

Low cost:

  • issuance of letters of credit and guarantees is much cheaper than attraction of credit funds;
  • OTP Bank’s interest rates for issuance of non cash-covered letter of credit or guarantee is 3-5% p.a.

Risks minimization:

  • No risk of non-delivery of goods: payment is made against previously agreed list of documents confirming delivery or even after receipt of goods;
  • Goods quality required by you will be confirmed by respective documents indicated by you in the Letter of Credit.

Mutual benefit:

  • letters of credit and bank guarantees are the instruments beneficial not only for you but for your counterparty as well;
  • utilization of documentary credits and bank guarantees helps to achieve compromise between supplier's and buyer's positions.

Increase of working capital:

  • You have a possibility to increase volume of your operations without attracting additional credit funds deferral of payment allowed by your supplier.

Evidence of reliability of your company:

  • letters of credit and bank guarantees issued or confirmed by well-known banking institutions prove high reputation in many countries, reliability and creditworthiness of your company.


  • OTP Bank will help its customers with consultations on all stages of the transactions using letters of credit and/or guarantees, from pre-contract negotiations till successful completion of trade transaction. 

We guarantee that the representative of Corporate business OTP Bank will contact with you within 1 working day.
More detailed information can be obtained by calling the Information Center
  • phone: (044) 490-05-25, (044) 490-05-00 (24/7)