Standing Order

Standing order ‐ is a regular payment executed with a fixed periodicity for a certain amount to the same beneficiary and with the same payment details.

To benefit from the advantages of the Standing Order function, the Client shall only sign a special Supplementary Agreement containing payment instructions ‐ variant of regular debiting of account, beneficiary, payment details.

This Service is available for customers who have opened current accounts with OTP Bank.

Reduction in document turnover
Reduction in document turnover
Control of payment execution is carried out by the bank
Control of payment execution is carried out by the bank
Instrument for future payment planning
Instrument for future payment planning
Variants of regular payments under Standing Order
  • Debiting of the full amount;
  • Debiting of a fixed amount
  • Debiting of the full amount, excluding a definite minimum balance
  • Debiting of fixed amount if negative account balance ‐ with overdraft limit
  • Automatic replenishment of Call Deposit by any variant of Standing Order (excluding overdraft limit)

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