Repayment loan holidays for credit cards

Repayment loan holidays are valid for credit cards until 31.05.2022.

It means the following:

How to recharge the card - find out at the link.

Current restrictions on card transactions
  1. Cash withdrawal:
    • from hryvnia cards in Ukraine - not more than UAH 100 000 or equivalent per day;
    • from hryvnia cards abroad in foreign currency – not more than UAH 50 000 or equivalent per month;
    • from cards in a foreign currency in Ukraine – not more than UAH 100 000 per day;*
    • from cards in a foreign currency abroad – the equivalent of UAH 100 000 per day.*
  2. A transfer over a card number - not more than UAH 100 000 per day in Ukraine.
  3. Transfers over a card number to foreign banks` cards are prohibited.
  4. Quasi cash transactions (a replenishment of electronic wallets, brokerage or forex accounts, payment of traveler's checks, purchase of virtual assets) are prohibited.
  5. Card payments in stores and in Internet are executed without restrictions.**

* The limit can be changed at the request of the cardholder to the Bank's support service through a convenient channel.
** There are standard card limits that can be changed manually via OTP Smart / OTP Credit applications.

Opening a new card

Most of the Bank's branches are provided with plastic cards, which a client can receive in a few minutes. If a branch does not have a necessary card, one can open a virtual card and use it. For opening a new card, a passport and TIN are required.

Card validity prolongation

the Bank`s cards continue to work after the expiration date, and one can pay by card in stores and withdraw cash. There are some features although:

Additional cash withdrawal options

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