Credit holidays for credit cards
Dear customers,
We would like to inform you that the loan repayment holiday period initiated by the Bank (without concluding additional agreements to the loan agreement) has ended, and OTP Bank restored the standard terms of a credit card usage starting from June 1, 2022.

The mandatory credit card payments repaid on time help to:

How to replenish a card?

To learn more following the link.

ПA card debt can be recovered by anyone (relatives, friends, acquaintances). The only thing one should have is payment details. Details can be obtained:

  • Via the OTP Bank UA application;
  • Via the 24-hour Informational center via a convenient channel.
How to find out the amount to repay?

Upload OTP Bank UA application

Find out the amount to be repaid and repay the debt from another Bank's card in 3 clicks

Upload OTP Bank UA application
What will happen if not to repay the minimum payment??

That will create an overdue debt. Within three days, the credit funds will be unavailable for use.

Please note: that a debt repayment on time has a positive effect on a loan t history.

I am not able to repay. What shall I do?

OTP Bank treats each client with understanding. You can apply for the Bank's restructuring in a way convenient for you:

Decisions on restructuring are made by the Bank individually for each application.

Opening a new card

Most of the Bank's branches are provided with plastic cards, which a client can receive in a few minutes. If a branch does not have a necessary card, one can open a virtual card and use it. For opening a new card, a passport and TIN are required.

Card validity prolongation

the Bank`s cards continue to work after the expiration date, and one can pay by card in stores and withdraw cash. There are some features although:

Additional cash withdrawal options

If you have any questions, please, contact us: