Safe Deposit Boxes

For the purposes of safekeeping of jewellery, securities, documents etc. OTP Bank offers safe deposit boxes.

Safekeeping in deposit boxes has the following advantages:

  • Your values will be secured for 24 hours a day in armored deposit by special technical and electronic equipment;
  • Nobody besides you will know about the content of your deposit box;
  • Nobody besides you can use the key from your deposit box;
  • You have access to the deposit during the operating hours of the bank The boxes can be rented for different terms.

The Agreement of safe box renting envisages the possibility to empower the use of Deposit Box to the third persons.

To conclude the Agreement of deposit box renting the client should come to the Bank with:

  • the passport or the substituting document.
  • written application.


Information for clients

In connection with the introduced quarantine in the country related to the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), if you need access to an individual cell, you must familiarize yourself with the work schedule of your department and agree in advance on the date and time of the visit with your personal manager.