Premium Banking


Guided by the high standards of customer service, OTP Bank is committed to establishing a banking model wherein each OTP Bank’s customer would feel his/her importance and was treated not just as a client but as an equal and high-profile partner. Recently, we have introduced a new service level – Premium Banking, designated for your becoming our respected partners and joint paving the way to your financial success. We offer you individual conditions of service and cooperation through a personal financial adviser assigned to find the solutions to meet your financial needs using a wide range of financial products and services.

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Premium Packages:

Special Programs of Financial Development

Our clients are ambitious people who stand firmly on their feet and look to the future armed with comprehensive long-term financial goals. Under constant currency risks and in the ever changing economic environment, ensuring financial stability is a primary objective. That is why we have developed customized savings schemes for you incorporating effective foreign currency component and deposit term management. Your personal financial advisor will assist you in working-out the most beneficial long-term savings to cover any need from home or car purchasing to retirement or scholarship savings. We are ready to reward every customer eager to build long-term partnership with us. This reward includes favorable conditions for the use of financial services, promotional offers, exclusive terms of deposits and loans.

Comprehensive Services

Within the Premium Banking package, we offer you an outstanding range of products and services combined with attractive terms of service. At the initial stage we present you with a comprehensive service package "Premium", which incorporates key products, as well as a number of beneficial extra banking services at the best prices.

Premium bank cards

Premium Banking customers are furnished with Premium “Gold Cup” card with loyalty program MasterCard Rewards, which serves as a status card for Premium Banking customers. This card gives you a privileged opportunity to participate in the MasterCard Reward program – a world-wide loyalty program provisioning accumulation of bonuses for card payments in Ukraine and abroad. Moreover, a unique Gold Cup card will be your pass to the various loyalty programs and 24/7 customer support service from one of the largest payment systems – MasterCard World.

Dedicated Service Areas

We have taken care to establish dedicated service areas at our branches creating comfortable environment for you and your personal financial advisor to develop the most effective plan for your financial well-being.

Saving your time

Premium Banking also provides you with remote banking service through the most up-to-date technologies. Just for you we have arranges a separate customer support phone line Premium Line and developed a variety of remote banking solutions. Now, you can manage your accounts and get financial advice whenever and wherever you are, with only mobile phone or Internet access to be available.

We are confident that we can provide you with high-quality financial solutions combined with customized service and are ready to make every effort to become a financial partner No. 1 for you.

Premium Banking

"Premium" Package

"Premium" package offer is your opportunity to get a high-profile banking service quality. Our proposal includes a unique status and payment card Gold Cup. Additionally, you can optionally be granted with a Gold level card, loyal interest rates for deposits and loans. This tariff package also ensures for bonus rates for current account transactions, statements & certificates, powers of attorney, insurance policies, connection to Internet banking and SMS banking, discounts from bank partners and other favorable offers.

The package content and fee shall vary according to the bank's rates.

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